Friday, September 26, 2008

USC Bandwagon Out Of Control After Everyone Jumps Off

Man I knew we were making a mistake by catapulting USC to the top of the rankings after they hammered a bad Virginia team in their opener. We almost didn’t have a choice after they hammered Ohio State 35-3 a few weeks later but there were still some holdouts. Three voters in the AP, five voters in the USA Today Coaches Poll and eleven voters in the BlogPoll all refused to drink the USC Kool Aid and now they absolutely have the right to scoff and say, “I told you so!” Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. I bought the hype.

I wonder who will be the next team that ESPN tells us could be the greatest of all time. My bet is that it will either be a Big 10 team (Penn State or Wisconsin) or the Missouri Tigers. Keep in mind that Penn State hammered Oregon State 45-14. Besides that for some reason ESPN likes to take the best team from a bad conference and put them on a pedestal. See USC as the latest example of this.

Who Is Number One Now?

Here’s a quick look at the teams who could be the nation’s top ranked team when the polls are released on Sunday.

Oklahoma – The Sooners have the top scoring offense in the country and face their first ranked opponent of the season this Saturday when TCU travels to Norman.

Georgia – The Bulldogs were the top team to start the season and could regain that ranking with an impressive win over Alabama Saturday night.

Florida – The Gators would sneak in there should Oklahoma and Georgia falter this weekend.