Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ride Safe And In Style

Safety should always come first when biking but let’s face it you also want to look good on your motorcycle. I mean come on who wants to ride a bike and look like they just bounced off a rerun of CHIPS?

The biker image always starts with the proper selection of motorcycle helmets . One degree closer is the wrong direction and you could be teetering towards the unsafe or the uncouth. To help avoid this conundrum the great people at Biker Hiway have products like the shoei rf 1000 to give the biker just the right look without compromising any safety.

There is also the scorpion exo 1000 that comes in four different colors. It is made of fiberglass and Kevlar and has been wind-tunnel tested to make sure it is comfortable.

Biker Hiway is committed to providing the best products in safety at the best prices available. Their commitment is to customer safety and you can order securely online or by using their toll free number. Check out their deals and specials for some great prices on motorcycle safety gear.

From their website you can sign up for their newsletter or order a free catalog. Because of their commitment to satisfaction you’ll also find access to instillation instructions, links to motorcycle safety sites and much more.