Friday, September 29, 2006

Buster's Best

Once again I’m glad that I don’t actually bet on games. Buster and I do this for kicks and he usually gets something cool out of it. Looking at our records you can see why it would be a horribly bad idea to actually wager money.

Last Week’s Games

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins
– I’m quickly becoming a frustrated Dolphins’ fan. This is not the team I expected to see on the field this season. The team I expected to see would have crushed the Titans last week. Instead they snuck off with a three point win. That wasn’t enough to cover the 11 point spread and it left me with a loss and Buster with a win. Buster 1-0, Dad 0-1

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts – Jacksonville played the Colts a lot better than I thought they would. I had Indy covering the 9 points but Buster was smarter than me. Buster 2-0, Dad 0-2

Middle Tennessee at Oklahoma – I thought Oklahoma would be dominant because of the level of competition they were playing. OU more than covered the 29 points they were giving to Middle Tennessee State and I finally picked up a win. Buster wasn’t as fortunate he took the Blue Raiders and the points. Buster 2-1, Dad 1-2

Oklahoma State at Houston – It looks like nothing has changed with Oklahoma State. The Houston Cougars moved the ball at will on the Cowboys. That wasn’t good news for Buster and I because we had the Cowboys winning. Buster 2-2, Dad 1-3

Iowa State at Texas – As of now Texas appears to be one dimensional on offense and struggling on pass defense. They didn’t cover the 23.5 but were as close as you can get. The good news is that I tied Buster for the week on this game. The bad news is we both had a losing record. Buster 2-3, Dad 2-3

For the season: Buster 9-10-1, Dad 8-11-1

Flag Football Update: Buster’s team lost their first game in two seasons. Buster had some nice runs and a few nice passes in the 18-12 loss.

This Week’s Games

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets – The Colts are 9 point favorites again this week. They burned me last weekend but they won’t this weekend. Buster and I are both taking Indy to cover the 9 points they are giving to the J.E.T.S. –Jets, Jets, Jets!

Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans – Buster thinks the T.O. turmoil will distract the Cowboys causing them to not cover the 9.5 points they are giving the Titans. I say they are playing the Titans and unless you are Miami that gives you at least a 10 point cushion. I’ll take Dallas to cover.

Purdue at Notre Dame – Buster likes the undefeated Boilermakers to cover the 14 points they are getting from Notre Dame. I like the Irish to cover. The Purdue defense is even worse than Notre Dame’s.

USC at Washington State – I don’t know why but Buster is taking the Cougars to cover the 17 points they are getting from the Trojans. I like USC to roll Washington State.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


1 Ohio State (43)
2 Auburn (8)
3 Southern Cal (5)
4 Michigan
5 Florida
6 West Virginia
7 Louisville
8 Texas
9 Louisiana State
10 Virginia Tech
11 Georgia
12 Iowa
13 Oregon
14 Notre Dame
15 Tennessee
16 Oklahoma
17 Clemson
18 TCU
19 Cal
20 Nebraska
21 Florida State
22 Boise State
23 Rutgers
24 Georgia Tech
25 Missouri

Also Receiving Votes: Boston College(0.7), Wake Forest(0.6), Ohio(0.4), Washington(0.4), Michigan State(0.4), Arizona State(0.4), Arkansas(0.3), Purdue(0.3), Penn State(0.3), Texas Tech(0.2), Miami (Florida)(0.2), Wisconsin(0.2), UCLA(0.2), Houston(0.2), Texas A&M(0.1), Utah(0.1), Tulsa(0.0), Pittsburgh(0.0), Alabama(0.0), South Carolina(0.0),

Total Ballots: 59

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Alienation Leads to Loneliness

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens has reportedly tried to commit suicide. According to a report Owens swallowed over 30 pain pills in his suicide attempt and was asked by rescue workers "if he was attempting to harm himself, at which time (he) stated, `Yes."

Owens could be known as the possible the greatest receiver in the NFL but instead he is known as the greatest ego in the NFL. The Cowboys are his third team in his eleven year career but he left the first two teams in shambles and his teammates and coaches opening the door wide open for his exit.

No one has been exempt from Owens criticism during his career. Coaches, quarterback and fellow receivers and teammates have been berated and slandered publicly by Owens. It was so bad in Philadelphia that the team booted the Pro-Bowl receiver mid-way through the season.

Do you think anyone in the Cowboys locker-room is standing in line to be Owens friend? You can only alienate so many people before you find yourself all alone. That’s why in T.O.’s time of need it was his publicists, a person he pays to be around him, who called 911 and stayed by his side.

Reports will be mixed over the next few days and a cover-up from Jerry Jones and company is definitely on its way. But the fact remains that Owens is a loner and outsider by his own doing. T.O. has always been about T.O. and let’s hope that today’s press conferences and statements reveal the truth. Owens needs help!

Regardless of how the person got there I’m glad that Owens had the help he needed to get his stomach pumped. Now let’s hope that the people who are making a living off of Owens steer him in the right direction to get his life back in order. We all know he has no one else to do it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big 12 Football Players of the Week - Sept. 25

Offensive Player of the Week
Marlon Lucky, So, RB, Nebraska (Hollywood, Calif.)
Marlon Lucky ran for 156 yards and three touchdowns in Nebraska's win over Troy. Lucky averaged 15.6 yards on 10 carries for the game, with seven of his rushing attempts coming in the first half. His TD scampers were all career long rushes, scoring from 34, 45, and 51 yards out.

Defensive Player of the Week
Tim Crowder, Sr, DE, Texas (Tyler, Texas)
Tim Crowder registered eight tackles, two sacks, and four quarterback hurries for Texas in its 37-14 victory against Iowa State. Crowder's sacks totaled 12 yards of negative yardage, while five of his tackles were solo. The Longhorns held an ISU offense that came into the game average 155.7 yards rushing to 21 yards on 27 attempts.

Special Teams Player of the Week
Reggie Smith, So, PR, Oklahoma
(Edmond, Okla.)
Reggie Smith returned a punt 61 yards for touchdown in Oklahoma's 59-0 triumph over Middle Tennessee State. Smith totaled 68 yards on three returns for the game.

Blog Poll Ballot Five

This week I’m saying goodbye to Arizona State and Alabama and hello to Missouri and Boise State. Here is how my ballot looks. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions. The BlogPoll will release tomorrow!

1 Ohio State --
2 West Virginia --
3 Southern Cal --
4 Auburn --
5 Florida --
6 Michigan 1
7 Texas 1
8 Louisiana State 1
9 Georgia 3
10 Louisville --
11 Virginia Tech --
12 Oklahoma 1
13 Iowa 1
14 Notre Dame 2
15 Oregon --
16 TCU --
17 Clemson --
18 Tennessee --
19 Florida State --
20 Nebraska 1
21 Miami (Florida) 1
22 Cal 1
23 Penn State 1
24 Missouri 2
25 Boise State 1

Dropped Out: Arizona State (#24), Alabama (#25).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Buster's Best

Here's the deal. Buster, my son, picks out five games over the weekend and we make our picks against the spread. At the end of the season if he wins then he gets a special trip or something like that. If I win it means extra chores!

Last Week’s Games

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins were 7 point favorites over the Bills and showed no offensive punch what so ever. Buster and I both picked the Dolphins to cover the 7 points and start off 0-1. Buster 0-1, Dad 0-1

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys were 5.5 point favorites over the Redskins and Buster and I both jumped on the Cowboys to cover. It made up for that lousy Dolphins pick. Buster 1-1, Dad 1-1

Oklahoma at Oregon – All I’m going to say here is that the Sooners covered the 4 points they were getting from the Ducks which Buster and I both said they would. Buster 2-1, Dad 2-1

Cincinnati at Ohio State – I wish I could call push here but I can’t. Buster picked the Buckeyes to cover the 30 points they were giving to Cincinnati and I said Ohio State would have a Texas let down. They did for one quarter. Buster 3-1, Dad 2-2

Michigan at Notre Dame – Wow! How ugly was Notre Dame’s performance? Buster said the Irish would cover the seven points they were giving to Michigan and I took they Wolverines. I never expected it to get that nasty though. Buster 3-2, Dad 3-2

For the season: Buster 7-7-1, Dad 6-8-1

This Week’s Games

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins are 11 point favorites over the Titans. While Miami hasn’t given any reason to believe they could cover a spread the Titans could be the worst team in the NFL. Buster has faith in the Titans but I’m going with my dolphins one more time.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts – The Colts are 9 point favorites over the Jags who are coming off a huge win over Pittsburgh. This could be a let down game for the Jags and for that reason I’m going with the Colts. Buster is picking the Jags to cover the 9 points they are getting.

Middle Tennessee at Oklahoma – The Sooners aren’t good at covering large spreads and Buster is expecting that trend to continue. He’s taking the Blue Raiders and the 29 points they are getting from Oklahoma. I’m going the other way though. I think the Sooners will have a lot of frustration and aggravation to take out this week and the talent gap between the two teams will show this weekend. I’ll take the Sooners to cover the 29 points.

Oklahoma State at Houston – The Cougars are a 1 point favorite over Oklahoma State but they have never beaten a Big 12 team. They won’t this weekend either I’ll take the Cowboys to win and so does Buster.

Iowa State at Texas – It’s time to see either how bad the Big 12 North is once again or how much they have improved. The Cyclones are the first Big 12 teams to get a crack at the defending conference champs. There is no doubt in my mind they are going to lose but will they cover the 23.5 points they are getting from Texas? I say no and so does Buster.

Flag Football Update: Buster ran for a touchdown and passed for another in his teams 12-6 win Saturday.

Georgia Pimping Out Cheerleaders?

So your Uncle Walt’s birthday is coming up and you just don’t know what to get or you want to find the perfect gift for your buddy that says, “Hey man, I love you…but in a totally heterosexual way.” The University of Georgia has the perfect gift but only if you live within 60 miles of Athens.

If the price is right you can have two cheerleaders and their trusty dawg, Hairy, so up at the party for two hours. The cheerleaders are up for auction on Georgia’s Athletics website. The current bid is for $300.00 but the auction doesn’t end until October 2nd.


1 Ohio State (51)
2 Auburn (9)
3 Southern Cal (5)
4 Florida
5 Michigan
6 West Virginia
7 Louisville
8 Texas
9 Louisiana State
10 Georgia
11 Virginia Tech
12 Iowa
13 Notre Dame
14 Oregon
15 TCU
16 Tennessee
17 Oklahoma
18 Boston College
19 Clemson
20 Cal
21 Arizona State
22 Florida State
23 Nebraska
24 Boise State
25 Alabama

Also Receiving Votes: UCLA(2.1), Michigan State(1.8), Penn State(1.8), Rutgers(1.5), Wisconsin(0.9), Georgia Tech(0.7), Miami (Florida)(0.5), Navy(0.3), Missouri(0.3), Colorado(0.2), Texas Tech(0.1), South Florida(0.1), Houston(0.1), South Carolina(0.0), Pittsburgh(0.0), Texas A&M(0.0),

Total Ballots: 65

See how I voted.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Getting to Know MTSU

Alright Sooner fans it’s time to move on. The Oregon game is behind us and we have to turn our attention now to Middle Tennessee State of the Sun Belt Conference.

Helping us get to know the Blue Raiders a little better is Adam Sparks of the Daily News Journal in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Adam, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

My Opinion on Sports: First off, what did you think about the controversy at the end of the Oklahoma/Oregon game. It’s been over-stated what people here in Oklahoma think but I’m curious to know what the national perspective is.

Adam Sparks: I can't say that I saw enough of the pass interference call to make a judgment. However, the onside kick call was obviously incorrect. Oregon touched the football first and easily before it traveled 10 yards. Watching on TV, I thought the game was over right then and there. Upholding that call after reviewing makes me doubt the effectiveness of instant replay. Rather than continuing to dispute a call that everyone not wearing stripes agrees on, I'm more interested in knowing how a replay official's judgment could be skewed in that way because obviously he believed his call was correct at the time.

My Opinion on Sports: Middle Tennessee State comes into this game with the same record as Oklahoma (2-1). Tell us a little about this team and who some of the playmakers are.

Adam Sparks: The defense lost seven starters and arguably the best defensive line in school history, so it's a tremendous surprise that the unit has become a strength, regardless of the opponents. The defense has sacrificed size to improve its speed, so stopping the run is a challenge. Linebacker J.K. Sabb's runs to the ball well and racks up tackles for loss.

On offense, the team is limited by a lack of experience and speed in the receiving corps and depth on the offensive line. Running backs Eugene Gross, DeMarco McNair, Alex Suber, Phillip Tanner and Desmond
Gee make up a strong and deep backfield.

Kicker/punter Colby Smith has been All-Sun Belt and a national award semifinalist at both positions.

My Opinion on Sports: Give us your thoughts on Adrian Peterson and what you think the defensive game plan will be for the Blue Raiders.

Adam Sparks: MTSU would love to contain him (about 150 yards, if possible), but that's easier said than done. He will undoubtedly get his yards, but the key is to stop drives short and force field goals to stay in the game. Undersized on the defensive line, MTSU will probably have to overload the tackle box. So it may be up to Oklahoma's passing game to beat skeleton coverages.

My Opinion on Sports: What are you most confident about for MTSU coming into this game? What concerns you the most?

Adam Sparks: CONFIDENT ... The running game doesn't have a lot of big-play potential, but it has used some well-timed calls and misdirection to move the ball. Senior quarterback Clint Marks ranks second nationally in career completion percentage among active passers, behind only Louisville's Brian Brohm. Marks is very accurate, but he has shown a tendency to force passes into coverage. So far, that side hasn't shown much this season yet.

CONCERN ... If/when MTSU goes to the air, it has little speed at receiver. That makes it tough to exploit one-on-one coverages. One solution is throwing to the tight ends, where MTSU is strong.

The other concern, again, is stopping the run. The defense has bent, but not broken, up front. MTSU's defense can contain the run, but not without bringing eight men on the line and leaving the secondary all alone.

My Opinion on Sports: Eugene Gross is MTSU’s leading rusher with 173 yards. Do you think the Blue Raiders will have better success running or passing the ball against OU?

Adam Sparks: MTSU is better running the ball right now, but Oklahoma knows that, too.

With the new clock rules in college football, underdogs have a slightly better chance at an upset because the games are shorter. MTSU would love to run the football effectively because it would get them to the fourth quarter quicker and keep the ball away from Oklahoma. Gross is MTSU's best offensive player, but I doubt that will show in the statistics of this game.

My Opinion on Sports: Give us a final score prediction.

Adam Sparks: Oklahoma 35, MTSU 10

You can read Adam’s complete coverage of Middle Tennessee State online in the sports section at the Daily News Journal.

Blog Poll Ballot Four

Here's how I'm voting this week. There was lots of movement. Only three teams are staying in the same spot I had them in last week.

1 Ohio State --
2 West Virginia 1
3 Southern Cal 1
4 Auburn 1
5 Florida 1
6 Georgia 3
7 Michigan 3
8 Texas --
9 Louisiana State 2
10 Louisville 4
11 Virginia Tech 4
12 Notre Dame 10
13 Oklahoma 2
14 Iowa 4
15 Oregon 2
16 TCU 4
17 Clemson 4
18 Tennessee 2
19 Florida State 7
20 Miami (Florida) 7
21 Nebraska 2
22 Penn State --
23 Cal 1
24 Arizona State 1
25 Alabama 2

Dropped Out:

Monday, September 18, 2006

We Take Our Football Pretty Seriously in Oklahoma

The rest of the nation may not know much about the state of Oklahoma but they do know that we like our football. During the 2003 football season when Mike Lupica made disparaging remarks about Bob Stoops after the Sooners thumped Texas A&M 77-0, Oklahoma fans filled his inbox with e-mails regarding their opinions on Lupica’s fictional writing.

All-Americans, Conference Championships, Heisman Trophies and National Championships have spoiled Oklahoma football fans into a losing is unacceptable attitude. God save the man who would cost the Sooners a nationally televised game between two Top 25 programs out of ignorance.

Gordon Riese is that man! He was the replay official in the booth that botched the call on an onside kick that gave Oregon a win over the Sooners. He now says that he will soon decide whether to finish the season, or even whether to return next year.

"I'm struggling with it," Riese said "I feel so bad I missed that call, it's driving me crazy."

With the Pac-10 announcing Monday that the officiating crew made mistakes that cost Oklahoma the football game and the one game suspension of the officiating Riese says his health is being affected by the whole situation. "I can't sleep, I can't eat, my blood pressure is skyrocketing."

It may not just be his bone headed blunder that’s causing high blood pressure though. Police are now investigating threatening phone calls. "They not only threatened me, they threatened my wife and kids," Riese said.

While I do think threatening phone calls are much too harsh I don’t feel bad for Riese or his situation. If he had just looked at the video monitor he could have picked any one of the following options; a) Malcolm Kelly was interfered with inside the 10 yard zone b) an Oregon player was the first to touch the ball before it traveled 10 yards c) Allen Patrick of Oklahoma actually recovered the football. Anyone of those options would have been the correct call and they are all plain as day on the video but some how Gordon Riese missed all three of them. For that my man you have to pay your dues and endure your suffering.

"I don't know how to deal with it," he said. "I guess it's just one of those things." Don’t expect anyone in Oklahoma to feel sorry for you. As you are finding out, we take our football very seriously.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Why Do We Have Replay?

Sooners Get Hosed!

It’s one thing to have your team lose a football because of a blown call by the officials. It’s a totally different issue when you have to watch the officials mistake over and over again on replay and then not have the call reversed.

Here’s the deal for those of you not familiar with the game yesterday between Oklahoma and Oregon. Oregon did an onside kick late in the game and the officials awarded the ball to Oregon.

The play was reviewed by the officials upstairs because it appeared that an Oregon player touched the ball before it traveled 10 yards which would be an illegal touching and the ball would be given to Oklahoma.

There are two things you want to look at when looking at this video. First, the Oregon player who clearly touches the ball before it goes 10 yards. Secondly look at Allen Patrick of Oklahoma (#23 in white) he dives on the ball and recovers the kick. The officials had blown the play dead before anyone recovered the ball. Then they awarded the ball to Oregon. How does that work?

Here’s the worst part. After the play was reviewed Oregon was awarded the ball. My question is based on what? The ball was illegally touched first which should have resulted in Oklahoma getting the ball. Then Oklahoma actually recovered the kick which should have resulted in Oklahoma getting the ball. There in no doubt that the Sooners would have run the clock out and won the game 33-27 if the play was properly officiated.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Buster's Best

Last Week’s Games

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers – Buster picked against my Dolphins who were two point underdogs to the Steelers and I actually thought Miami could play with the World Champs, which they did for three quarters. They just didn’t cover the two points. Buster 1-0, Dad 0-1

Indianapolis Colts at New York Giants – The “Mannning Bowl” lived up to the hype and the Giants had their chances but turned them over. The Colts were lucky to cover the four points they were favored by but Buster and I will take it. Buster 2-0, Dad 1-1

Washington Huskies at Oklahoma Sooners – Buster and I both picked the Huskies to cover the 17 points they were getting from the Sooners. Thanks to a garbage time touchdown we both get our first push of the season. Buster 2-0-1, Dad 1-1-1

Oklahoma State at Arkansas State – The Cowboys were 14.5 point favorites on the road and Buster didn’t see how they would cover so he picked the Indians and the points. I went with OSU to cover. Buster 2-1-1, Dad 2-1-1

Ohio State at Texas – As if a Sooner fan needed another reason to hate Texas! Buster took Ohio State to cover the two points and I went with the Longhorns. When you are the defending National Champion and are playing the #1 team in the country on your home field, how do you not show up? Buster 3-1-1, Dad 2-2-1.

For the season: Buster 4-5-1, Dad 3-6-1

This Week’s Games

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins are 7 point favorites over Buffalo and Buster likes Miami to cover. This is OU/Texas of the NFL for me so I have to go with Miami also.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys may be dysfunctional but the Redskins really looked bad on offense at times against the Vikings. I think this will be a defensive game and I think the Cowboys will cover the 5.5 points they are giving to Washington. Buster is picking the Cowboys as well because they are his favorite team.

Oklahoma at Oregon – The Sooners are 4 point underdogs to the Ducks. Buster is taking the Sooners to cover. Oklahoma has struggled to find a defensive identity early in the season but Oregon is struggling with defensive injuries which will allow the Sooners to cover.

Cincinnati at Ohio State – Buster likes the Buckeyes who are 30 point favorites over the Bearcats. I’m looking for the Buckeyes to have the let down game after Texas last weekend. I’m going with Cincinnati to cover.

Michigan at Notre Dame – We’ll know the truth about one of these two teams after this game. Buster likes the Irish to cover the 7 points they are giving to Michigan and I’m saying that the Wolverines are a step above Georgia Tech who gave Notre Dame fits opening weekend. I say this is a field goal game. I’m taking Michigan to cover the seven points.

Flag Football Update: Buster snatched a tie from the jaws of defeat when he ran back a kick-off as time expired to tie up the game 6-6.


1 Ohio State (48)
2 Southern Cal (4)
3 Auburn (4)
4 Notre Dame (4)
5 Louisiana State (1)
6 West Virginia
7 Florida
8 Texas
9 Georgia
10 Michigan
11 Louisville
12 Florida State
13 Iowa
14 Virginia Tech
15 Tennessee
16 Oregon
17 Nebraska
18 Oklahoma
19 Miami (Florida)
20 Boston College
21 TCU
22 Cal
23 Texas Tech
24 Arizona State

Also Receiving Votes: Boise State(2.0), Alabama(1.9), Penn State(1.5), Clemson(1.2), Wisconsin(0.9), Rutgers(0.9), Georgia Tech(0.7), Pittsburgh(0.6), Texas A&M(0.3), Missouri(0.2), Michigan State(0.2), Fresno State(0.1), South Carolina(0.1), Navy(0.1), Houston(0.0), Arkansas(0.0), South Florida(0.0),

Total Ballots: 61

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Please Refrain from Stabbing Your Teammates!

Have you ever wondered what the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding would have looked like if it was played out on a college football team? Maybe you haven’t but thanks to the Northern Colorado Bears we know anyway.

Bears backup punter Mitch Cozad was arrested on suspicion of stabbing the team’s starting punter Rafael Mendoza in his kicking leg. Apparently the image of punters being “non-contact” athletes is changing.

"I guess the only identified motive at this point in time is the competition for that position," Evans police Lt. Gary Kessler said Wednesday.

Kessler said Mendoza was attacked (Kerrigan style) from behind and stabbed in his right thigh after parking his car outside his Evans apartment at about 9:30 p.m. Monday.

Cozad showed Harding like intelligence, or lack of, by stopping in front of a liquor store to remove tape that was covering his license plate. The store clerk gave police the license number and the car was traced to Cozad, according to Kessler.

However, unlike Harding who was allowed to participate in the Olympics Cozad was suspended from the team, evicted from his residence and expelled from school on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blog Poll Ballot Three

Here's how I'm voting this week. Feel free to leave your comments.

1 Ohio State --
2 Notre Dame --
3 West Virginia 2
4 Southern Cal --
5 Auburn 1
6 Florida 1
7 Louisiana State 1
8 Texas 5
9 Georgia 1
10 Michigan 3
11 Oklahoma --
12 Florida State 3
13 Miami (Florida) 1
14 Louisville --
15 Virginia Tech 1
16 Tennessee 1
17 Oregon 2
18 Iowa 2
19 Nebraska 2
20 TCU 3
21 Clemson 3
22 Penn State 5
23 Alabama 1
24 Cal --
25 Arizona State --

Dropped Out:

1 Ohio State – Did they prove that they were number one or that Texas wasn’t number 2?

2. Notre Dame – Improved from their season opening performance.

3. West Virginia – The band wagon keeps growing.

4. USC – Nebraska this weekend may not tell us a lot about the Trojans. Then again maybe it wll.

5. Auburn – Huge game with LSU this weekend.

6. Florida – The Gators may be lost in the shuffle of the SEC but can turn some heads this weekend against Tennessee.

7. LSU – See Auburn!

8. Texas – Let’s hear some more about how this is a better team than in 05 and won’t miss Vince Young.

9. Georgia – Is the SEC really good enough to have four teams in the Top 10.

10. Michigan – The Wolverines jump into the Top 10 but now they have to prove they can stay there.