Tuesday, September 09, 2008

BlogPoll Ballot 9/9/08

It’s really hard to change around your ballot when every team in your Top 25 wins. That said, there were 11 teams that moved in my rankings this week and one that is making their debut on my ballot.

I’m one of just a few bloggers who believe that the Georgia Bulldogs still deserve to be ranked #1. After the Virginia Cavilers only managed to score 16 points against the mighty Richmond Spiders it appears that the crowd might have jumped the gun by moving the Trojans to the top spot after destroying a very bad Virginia team. Truth is at this point both Oklahoma and Florida have better wins than Georgia, USC and Ohio State. Of course that will change this weekend.

New: East Carolina

Through the first two weeks of the season the Pirates have been the story. A blocked punt against Virginia Tech gave them a win on the road in week one and they destroyed West Virginia at home this week.

Teams Moving Up: Oklahoma, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona State, Penn State, Tulsa.

Both Oklahoma and Florida are beneficiaries of Ohio State dropping (see below for thoughts on the Buckeyes) this week. As stated above, Oklahoma’s win over Cincinnati and Florida’s win over Miami are the most impressive wins of the teams ranked in the top 4.

Wisconsin leapfrogs Auburn and Texas Tech because the Tigers and Red Raiders just weren’t impressive enough to take the vacant spot. Texas and Arizona State just followed order.

Penn State jumps over Kansas because the Jayhawks seemed to struggle a little against Louisiana Tech.

I’m still a little leery about Tulsa. They are a very solid team that plays in the same conference as East Carolina (C-USA) and have an explosive offense. A 30 win on the road was worth moving them up one spot.

Teams Moving Down: Ohio State, West Virginia, Wake Forest

The Buckeyes looked very average on Saturday against the Ohio Bobcats. Granted they were without Beanie Wells but if just one player truly makes that much difference for the team then Ohio State is in trouble. The good news is that they can make up some serious ground this weekend.

West Virginia wasn’t just upset by East Carolina they were hammered. They only scored 3 points and Pat White struggled throwing for just 72 yards.

Wake Forest won but struggled to the point where they actually should have lost. Somehow Mississippi was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech

I hate to drop a team from my ballot when they are coming off a win but I had to make room for East Carolina somewhere. The Hokies were victims to the Pirates in their opener and their 17 win over Furman just wasn’t enough to keep them around.

1GeorgiaWon 56-17 over Central Michigan--
2Southern CalIDLE--
3OklahomaWon 52-26 over Cincinnati 1
4FloridaWon 26-3 over Miami (FL) 4
5MissouriWon 52-3 over SE Missouri--
6Ohio StateWon 26-14 over Ohio 3
8WisconsinWon 51-14 over Marshall 3
9AuburnWon 27-13 over Southern Miss.--
10Texas TechWon 35-19 over Nevada--
11TexasWon 42-13 over UTEP 1
12Arizona StateWon 41-17 over Stanford 2
13ClemsonWon 45-17 over Citadel --
14Penn StateWon 45-14 over Oregon State 2
15KansasWon 29-0 over LA. Tech --
16East CarolinaWon 24-3 over West Virginia 10
17South FloridaWon 31-24 over Central FL. --
18West VirginiaLost 24-3 to East Carolina 12
19Brigham YoungWon 28-27 over Washington--
21CaliforniaWon 66-3 over Washington State--
22ColoradoWon 31-24 over Eastern Washington--
23IllinoisWon 47-21 over Eastern Illinois--
24TulsaWon 56-26 over North Texas 1
25Wake ForestWon 30-28 over Mississippi 7

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (#24).

Next Five Out: 26. Alabama 27. UCLA 28. Fresno State 29. Oklahoma State 30. Virginia Tech

This is how I’m voting. Please share your thoughts.