Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NFL Playoffs Contest: Final Round

PlayerNYG/GBSD/NERecordPointsTotal Points

Well, rob has this thing locked up even if he doesn’t make a Super Bowl pick. That won’t stop us from giving our opinion though. We are making predictions in the Super Bowl thread and will be on live during the game posting our thoughts about the action on the field. Congratulations to rob for winning!

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Super Bowl Q&A WIth Pats Pulpit

We are now just days away from the big game and while everyone has their own opinion we are only interested in knowing what the guys who are fans of the specific teams have to say. Enter Pats Pulpit – the amazing New England Patriots fan site. New England fans have had a lot to cheer for this season and with the Super Bowl looming you get the feeling that this one could be the most important one of all time to them.

Tom from Pats Pulpit (PP) was kind enough to take some time out of what is no doubt a crazy week to answer a few questions for us. Thanks Tom!

Is there too much being made about Tom Brady’s ankle injury?

Yeah, undoubtedly. Even in the walking cast, Brady wasn't limping that badly, and with two weeks between games, it shouldn't be a big deal. Continue...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tiger Set For Best Season Ever?

In 2000 Tiger Woods won nine tournaments including three straight majors. Now in 2008 he appears primed to shatter that mark. Tiger’s win at Torrey Pines, in the Buick Invitational, over the weekend was the 62nd of his career which is good enough to tie him with Arnold Palmer for fourth place on the tour list.

More impressive though wasn’t that he won but rather how he did it. Going into Sunday Woods had a 12 stroke lead which all but made the final day a competition for 2nd place. Going into the weekend Tiger had won three consecutive years at the Buick and by Friday there was no doubt that this would be his fourth.

"My goal going into today (Sunday) was to finish second," Ryuji Imada said. "That's almost like winning the golf tournament to me."

Woods has been the PGA’s best player for a while now but this past weekend he showed that he is now head and shoulders above the rest of the field and the field is recognizing it.
"He's just much better," said Fred Couples, who posted his first top-10 finish since the 2006 Masters. "It's fun to see. I've been on tour for 28 years, and I've never seen this stuff."

"I'd say this is the best I've seen him play," Stewark Cink said. "The last couple days, off the tee, the control he had was just really very impressive. The Tiger that we saw a year and two years ago, hitting it sort of all over the place, I think that's a thing of the past. He's got it geared down and he came out and played really well."

"You'd like to think it's surprising, but it's not," Charles Howell III said. "It's Tiger."
Yeah, it’s Tiger but not like we’ve seen him before. We’ve seen him dominate tournaments from start to finish and we’ve seen him dominate during stretches of the season but we have never seen him dominate the tour from start to finish. We very well could see that this year!

Tiger’s streak in 2000 was monumental but 2008 looks to be historical.

"I'm starting to get better," Tiger said. "I'm hitting shots that I never could hit before, even in 2000. People think, 'Yeah, you played great.' But I made everything. I'm actually hitting the ball better now than I did during that stretch."

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

APB Out for Chuck Knoblauch

Four-Time All-Start Chuck Knoblauch has U.S. Marshalls searching for him to serve a subpoena from a House panel investigating steroids in baseball. Knoblauch failed to respond to a request for him to appear at a deposition scheduled by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Because of that federal marshals were sent to serve a subpoena but as of Wednesday night he was nowhere to be found.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Miami Dolphins Raiding Dallas Cowboys Coaching Staff

With the hire of Bill Parcells as Miami’s head of football operations the NFL world should have seen this coming from a mile away. One coach after another is defecting from the Dallas Cowboys’ staff and heading for South Beach. But I wonder if they are they truly heading to greener pastures?

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Friday, January 18, 2008

NFC Championship Q&A With Big Blue View

The NFL playoffs have been far short of upsets with the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts among the teams sent packing. It can be said though that no team has ruined more playoff brackets than the New York Giants who have won on the road at Tampa Bay and at Dallas. Now the Giants must travel to Green Bay to play the Packers on the frozen tundra. Here to give us a heads up on the Giants and some general opinions on the game itself is Ed from Big Blue View. Thanks for your time!

Give us a quick update on the Giants secondary?

The Giants' secondary is a mess. Kevin Dockery will not play. Sam Madison suited up Thursday, but did not practice. I doubt he will play. Aaron Ross practiced, but apparently can't really use his right arm (he dislocated the right shoulder, twice). So, they are in trouble back there.

Complete Q&A

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NFL Playoffs Contest Standings

PlayerSea/GBJax/NESD/INDYNYG/DALRecordPointsTotal Points

The good news for the rest of the field is that rob took a step down from his 4-0 performance in the Wild Card to go 2-2 in the Divisional round. The good news for rob is that no one else had a better record. Notafan moved up to second place and I dropped to third. Obviously the Colts and the Cowboys hurt everyone.

The Conference Championship thread is up in the forum and all picks are welcome. It’s too late to get in for a prize but we would still love to hear your opinions regardless.

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Car of Tomorrow Runs Laps at Texas Motor Speedway

We are just under a month away from when the cars start running for real at Daytona but drivers Clint Bowyer and Juan Pablo Montoya participated in the Goodyear tire test at Texas Motor Speedway becoming the first two drivers to run the new car on the 1 1/2 -mile, high-banked track.

Complete Story

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Ten Best Teams In College Basketball

We’ve been away from the basketball scene for a while because we were closing the door to the college football season and drinking in the NFL playoffs. Now that we’re back to college basketball I wanted to start a weekly top 10 list. This weeks AP and USA Today polls are out but I have to say that, like most polls, I don’t agree with it.

Here’s how I would rank the top 10 teams in the country this week.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Los Angeles Lakers Will Struggle Without Bynum

The good news for the LA Lakers is that center Andrew Bynum will make a full recovery. The bad news is that it will take him at least eight weeks to do so. Bynum is averaging a double-double as the center for the Lakers and suffered a subluxation of the patella and a bone bruise of his left knee during Sunday night’s game against Memphis. His 10.2 rebounds led the team and his 13.1 points were third behind Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odem.

With rumors swirling that Kwame Brown will take over the starting spot the Lakers are automatically losing 5 points and 9 rebounds just in stats alone. Most importantly LA is losing a big physical body inside who takes up space and plays aggressive. While Brown is a big body and does take up space being described as physical and aggressive are easily debated but the Lakers have no other options.

"Unless Wilt [Chamberlain] comes back from the dead, I don't know what else we're going to do," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said when discussing Brown. "He's going to have to handle the starting job."
The Lakers, who are 9-1 in their last 10 games, trail the Phoenix Suns by a half a game and have a 4.5 game lead on the Golden State Warriors. If there ever was a time to not give up any ground this would be it. However, without their big man I don’t see any way Los Angeles can avoid it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

NFL Playoff Threads

The Seahawks/Packers and Jaguars/Patriots are the Saturday games with the Chargers/Colts and Giants/Cowboys following up on Sunday. We all have our favorites and no doubt will have plenty to say about the games. Come talk about them with us in the forum.

Seahawks/Packers Game Thread

The Internet Can Make You a Star

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Now, thanks to YawpBox, you can be a star by submitting created content online that could be used in a television show. YawpBoxTV will be the first television show where the content is completely generated by the users of a social networking site. Basically you submit it and the world will see it. 52

We love to see ordinary people do things that make us laugh, cringe and wonder how in the world they did that. The reason why is because we, being ordinary people ourselves, identify with the people we see in the videos making it all the more entertaining. 57

Lex and Terry have set out a challenge to the nation to create specific user generated with the specific purpose of broadcasting it to the nation. You can check out their categories under the Lex & Terry challenge section at

Divisional Playoff Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars vs New England Patriots

This game looks like a mismatch in so many different ways but for some reason I feel like Jacksonville has a chance. The Patriots have so many offensive weapons and different formations to use them in that they are almost impossible to stop unless they stop themselves with turnovers and penalties.

Read the complete preview and cast your vote for how you think will win the game.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Divisional Playoff Preview: Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

Brett Favre, Mike Holmgren and Matt Hasselbeck are all reunited in this divisional playoff match up. Holmgren is 0-3 in his last three trips to Lambeau and desperately wants to avoid 0-3. To do that he’ll not only need Hasselbeck to have a huge game but also his defense needs to continue to be aggressive and cause turnovers.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New York Giants/Dallas Cowboys Playoff Q&A

Eli Manning did accomplished something last weekend that New York Giants’ fans have been waiting four years to see. He led the Giants to a win in the playoffs. Now Manning and company must travel to Dallas to take on Cowboys in this weekend’s prime playoff match-up. To help up gain some insight on the game and on the NFC’s top seed Dave from the outstanding Dallas Cowboys fan site Blogging the Boys agreed to answer a few questions for us. Thanks for stopping by, Dave!

1. The Cowboys beat the Giants by a combined 21 points in the two regular season games. Does that give Dallas a mental advantage going into this game and if so how much of a factor will it be in determining the outcome?

It probably gives them a little confidence going into the game that they know they can beat this team but I wouldn't give it a lot of credence in determining the outcome. The playoffs are a new season, teams play and react differently to playoff pressure and we'll have to see who handles it better. The more important factor from those two victories was that it helped Dallas get home-field advantage for this game and that might play a role in the outcome. But the Giants are playing better than they have been earlier this year and they just won a playoff game on the road so they are pretty confident, too.

Complete Q&A

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Final Blog Poll Ballot

Here’s how it all finished out in my book. Let me just say that I believe that this has been one of the greatest college football seasons in the last 40 years. I’m only 33 but I can’t remember more upsets in any one season than we saw in 2007. The BCS was a mess, which is what I was hoping for, sparking even more significant talk of a change in the system. Do we have a legitimate champion? No, but we have the best thing possible at this point.

1. LSU – There was no such thing as a perfect season this year in college football but the Tigers did win the strongest conference in the country before taking the sacrificial bait from the Big 10.

My Complete Ballot

As always feel free to leave your thoughts as to where I'm right or wrong.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Where Does the Denver Broncos Franchise Rank All-Time?

I recently read a statement about the Denver Broncos that I immediately disagreed with but it was one of those times when I wasn’t sure why I disagreed. The quote was that the Denver Broncos were only of the most successful franchises in the NFL. Now, when I think of the NFL’s most storied and successful franchises I think of the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49es or even the Pittsburgh Steelers but not the Denver Broncos. Is that fair?

Denver has won ten AFC West Division championships, six conference championships but only two Super Bowls. Any sports nut could tell you that is an impressive resume but my opinion is that it doesn’t stack up among the NFL’s elite. If you were to take a quick look at the greatest players in Denver Broncos history you’d find that that seven of the ten division championships, five of the six conference championships, both Super Bowl wins come during the era of one player, John Elway. Perhaps the answer to our questions is that the Broncos have produced some of the best players of all-time but don’t yet have the team accomplishments to be labeled one of the best franchises of all time.

NFL Playoffs Contest Standings


Rob scored the perfect 4-0 during the NFL’s Wild Card Weekend giving him a 2 game/50 point lead over myself, notafan and true2osu who are all tied for second. Bringing up the rear is babcbris but with point values for the Divisional Playoff games increasing to 50 each it’s still anyone’s game. Feel free to jump in their and drop some knowledge on us with your own picks. The Divisional Playoffs picks thread is up in the forum.

Monday, January 07, 2008

NFC Wild Card Final Thoughts: New York Giants/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I didn’t have the chance to post a preview for this game but if I had I would have picked the Bucs to win. Of course I would have been wrong thanks mostly to these three factors.

An efficient Eli Manning – Who would have thought that we’d use the word efficient when describing Eli Manning in the playoffs?

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

NFL Playoff Game Threads in the Forum

Time is running out to get in on the NFL playoffs contest. All picks must be made before today’s Washington Redskins/Seattle Seahawks game kicks-off. While you’re watching the games why not come over and talk with us about it. We’ll have game threads going in the forum all weekend.

Wild Card Preview: Jacksonville vs Pittsburgh

The Jaguars gave Pittsburgh their only home loss of the season three weeks ago and now face the task of heading back to Heinz Field to play again. The Steelers have the defensive advantage, led by James Harrison’s 76 solo tackles and 8.5 sacks, and will have their hands full with Jacksonville’s Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew who rushed for a combined 1,970 yards on the season. The key match-up to watch there will be the Pittsburgh linebackers against Jacksonville’s running backs.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Tennessee Titans Wild Card Q&A With Music City Miracles

Continuing in our playoff coverage we’d like to introduce Jimmy from the Tennessee Titan’s fan site Music City Miracles. The Titans are matched up against the San Diego Chargers in the Wild Card and will try to accomplish something on the road that they couldn’t at home, beat the Chargers.

Sunday’s game won’t lack any drama as these two teams obviously have a strong dislike for one another. Jimmy sheds some light on the Titans for us.

The AFC South put three teams into the play-offs. Is this the toughest division in the NFL?

Jimmy - I think so. You have the perennial power in the Colts, a Jaguars team that appears to have finally made all that potential payoff on the field, an up and coming Titans team, and an up and coming Texans team. The AFC South is one of only two divisions in the entire NFL where everyone was at least .500 (NFC East), and the AFC South's winning percentage was better than the NFC East's (.657 to .625).

Complete Q&A

Seattle Seahawks Wild Card Q&A With Field Gulls

With the NFL playoffs set to start on Saturday we’re doing our best to bring you great coverage on key match-ups and players from some of the best bloggers on the net. Joining us today is Seattle Seahawks blog Field Gulls.

Seattle will get the NFL playoffs rolling on Saturday by hosting the Washington Redskins, who may be the hottest team in the NFC. The writer of Field Gulls shares some insight with us on the Seahawks and their match-up with the Skins.

Do you have any fear that division strength is going to hurt Seattle's chances for a playoff run?

FG - I think you mean, am I afraid that Seattle is not a real contender because they fattened up in a weak division? Not really. They stomped the guts out of a number of NFL teams, many bad, but there's no such thing as an Oberlin in the NFL. Even bad NFL teams are relatively strong. There's no proof that a team has to beat quality opposition to be a playoff contender. Now, I don't think they will win the NFC - they might. And I highly, highly doubt they'll win the Super Bowl. Beating New England would be among the all time upsets in history. I fully expect a triple digit positive playoff point differential for the Pats. 103. 109.

Complete Interview

Chris Armstrong Discusses His New Ideas About the 'Fremium Model'

Chris Armstrong, Wired editor-in-chief and Long Tail author, recently did an interview with 123-reg blog. In it he discusses the concept of the Fremium model where businesses and corporations give something away in order to attract the attention of advertisers.

Armstrong points out that Google is leading the way with the Fremium Model because every product they put out is either free or comes in a free version. “It started with search and then software and services of various sorts and now they’re rolling out telephony and communications. They’re a sort of tsunami of ‘free’, which disrupts every industry it touches,” Armstrong said.

You can read the entire exclusive interview at 123-reg blog.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wild Card Preview: Redskins vs. Seahawks

Todd Collins has led Washington to the four consecutive victories that guided the Redskins into the playoffs but with Jason Campbell healthy there is a question as to who will be under center come Saturday. One thing is for certain Clinton Portis is their workhorse and they need him to produce to open up the pass for whomever it is playing quarterback.

Complete Preview

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Working to Build the Perfect Sports Community

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m crazy about football. It doesn’t matter what level of football either. If the put on pads and a helmet than I am a fan. I also follow basketball and baseball intently and have a slight lean towards college teams over the pro game. By the way, I love talking sports.

That’s me and I know that there are thousands of people out there just like me. You love talking sports and have an opinion and My Opinion on Sports provides you the platform to share it. We don’t have an agenda and we’re not going to bribe you with prizes and referral bonuses. What we will do is share a passion for all things athletic and engage you in intelligent conversation. So give us a try. It’s all free and all fun!

Leave your comments on any of the opinions posted here on the site or start your own conversations in the forum.

Also you’ll want to make sure to check out our NFL Playoffs Picks Contest.

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NFL Play-Offs Picks Contest

Its time! The NFL play-offs are finally here and that means your chance to win a prize. Here’s how it works. This weekend’s Wild Card games are worth 25 points each. The divisional play-offs are 50 points each, conference championships 75 and finally the Super Bowl is 100.

All picks must be made in the forum and must be posted before that weekend’s play-off games begin. Following the Super Bowl we’ll announce the winner and they’ll receive a team logo hat of their choice.

The Wild Card Weekend picks thread is already up in the forum. Good luck!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

College Bowl Threads

I’ve got three bowl games that I’m watching right now and I have no plans of slowing down what so ever today. It’s the greatest college football day of the year with wall to wall football. Games are on just about every network and we want to know your thoughts on what is going on. Come on over to the forum and talk about it with us.

Current Bowl Threads

Not talking about the game you're watching? Start your own thread in the forum!

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I’m Not The Only One Boycotting The Rose Bowl

To be completely honest with you I have absolutely zero interest in watching the Rose Bowl today. I’ll watch the Cotton, Outback, Capital One, Gator and Sugar Bowls but won’t even tune into ABC for the “Granddaddy of ‘Em All” and just for the record I usually do but the Rose Bowl committee doesn’t care because I’m just a fan of college football.