Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Football Gives Us Nothing

I don’t know about you but I didn’t watch a single football game in its entirety on Thursday. Why? There wasn’t one worth watching. The NFL threw us a bunch of junk match-ups that ended in an average score of 43-13. Then ESPN blesses us with 40 point decision between Texas and Texas A&M. We really couldn’t have had worse football match-ups on Thanksgiving.

I don’t know how but there has to be a better way to decide who plays on Thanksgiving. I realize that the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions are the traditional players on Thanksgiving but it wasn’t working for me this year and it didn’t work for the NFL either. This is the day when the National Football League stands alone to market their product. They have a slate of three games with no other competition from other markets and what they gave us on Thursday was boring!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CBS Sports Blog Poll - Week 13

BlogPoll Week 13: The Great Big 12 South Debate

1 Alabama (55) 24.41.2 1
2 Florida (8) 23.21.1 1
3 Oklahoma (2) 23.01.1 2
4 Texas (8) 23.01.2--
5 Southern Cal 20.41.1 1
6 Penn State 19.31.5 1
7 Texas Tech 19.01.6 6
8 Utah 18.32.5--
9 Ohio State 15.61.8 2
10 Oklahoma State 15.61.6--
11 Boise State 15.43.4 2
12 Missouri 14.11.9--
13 Georgia 13.51.9--
14 TCU 10.83.1 2
15 Cincinnati 10.21.9 4
16 Oregon State 10.01.8 2
17 Ball State 9.94.2 2
18 Georgia Tech 6.23.1 8
19 Boston College 5.42.2 7
20 Michigan State 5.12.8 6
21 Oregon 4.53.0 4
22 Florida State 4.43.1 4
23 Brigham Young 4.23.5 6
24 Northwestern 2.62.1 2
25 Mississippi 2.12.5 1

Also Receiving Votes: Iowa(1.3), Pittsburgh(1.3), West Virginia(0.9), California(0.4), Virginia Tech(0.2), Western Michigan(0.2), LSU(0.1), North Carolina(0.1), Miami (Florida)(0.1), Tulsa(0.1), South Carolina(0.1), Maryland(0.1), Nebraska(0.0), Rice(0.0), Connecticut(0.0),

Total Ballots: 73

Votes by blog here, votes by team here.

Prepare For Holiday Guest

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NCAAF Pretend Playoff Scenarios

A BCS Playoff Would Keep 11-1 Texas Tech's Title Hopes Alive!

As the bowl predictions are being published on what seems to be a daily basis I can’t help but wonder how cool it would be if we were talking playoff scenarios instead. The BCS is a foolishly flawed system but I believe that the majority of the problem is that it is designed to select only two schools to compete for the national title. There isn’t a system around that can do that without drawing criticism.

The AP poll selected the national champion for years and many times it fell under criticism. Since its inception the BCS has drawn criticism and each step of its evolution seems to alienate more and more college football fans. However, what if the BCS system was used to select the top 8 teams for a playoff? There would still be criticism (as long as we have football we’ll have criticism) but I think a lot less. There are currently five BCS football games and you could use those sites to host the playoffs. The top 4 teams would be the “home” team and would host the first round of the playoffs. The four losers would then be sent to two of the BCS bowls with the winners being sent to two others. The BCS bowls would keep the current rotation so that each site has equal opportunity to host both advancing rounds and consolation games in alternating years.

Yes, I do understand that two BCS bowl games wouldn’t really count for much every year but if you stop and thing about it, under the current system you have four BCS bowls that don’t really count for much every year. This system raises the stakes and makes the BCS bowls even better than before.

Here’s a sneak peek at what it would look like based upon the most recent BCS standings.

8. Penn State (Rose Bowl) at 1 Alabama (Sugar Bowl)
Loser faces the loser of the Texas Tech/Texas game in the Fiesta Bowl.

Winner faces the winner of the Texas Tech/Texas game in the Orange Bowl.

7. Texas Tech (Cotton Bowl) at 2. Texas (Fiesta Bowl)
Loser faces the loser of the Penn State/Alabama in the Fiesta Bowl.
Winner faces the winner of the Penn State/Alabama game in the Orange Bowl.

6. Utah (Sugar Bowl) at 3. Oklahoma (BCS Championship Game)
Loser faces the loser of USC/Florida game in the Rose Bowl.
Winner faces the winner of the USC/Florida Game in the Sugar Bowl

5. USC (Fiesta Bowl) at 4. Florida (BCS Championship Game)
Loser faces the loser of the Utah/Florida game in the Rose Bowl.
Winner faces the winner of the Utah/Oklahoma game in the Sugar Bowl
(Indicates predicted bowl game)

BCS Championship Game – Orange Bowl Winner vs. Sugar Bowl Winner – Played at Dolphin Stadium in Miami, FL

What logical college football fan wouldn’t want to see these match-ups? Logistically it isn’t impossible for the teams and financially the BCS bowl sites, the schools and the NCAA would make a killing. Before you throw out the, “too much travel for the fans argument” keep in mind that NCAA basketball fans travel for almost a month to watch their teams make their way through conference and then the NCAA tournaments.

Monday, November 24, 2008

CBS Sports Blog Poll Ballot: 11-24-08

1Alabama --
2Florida 1
3Texas 1
4Oklahoma 1
5Utah 3
6Southern Cal --
7Boise State --
8Penn State 1
9Texas Tech 7
10Oklahoma State --
11Georgia --
12Ohio State --
13Ball State --
14Missouri --
15TCU 2
16Cincinnati 3
17Oregon State 3
18Brigham Young 3
19Michigan State 3
20Georgia Tech 6
21Boston College 5
22Florida State 4
23Mississippi 3
24Northwestern 2
25Nebraska --

Dropped Out: LSU (#18), Pittsburgh (#21), Miami (Florida) (#22), Maryland (#23), Central Michigan (#24).
Some Thoughts

1. Alabama –

2. Florida –
Why the Gators were playing Citadel at this point of the season I have no idea.

3. Texas –
Despite what they may think the Longhorns are not in control of their own destiny.

4. Oklahoma –
No one in the Big 12 is playing better football than the Sooners right now but they are still behind the Longhorns, for now.

5. Utah –
The Utes are BCS Bound!

6. USC –

7. Boise State –
The Broncos are still undefeated but this team is not as good as the 2006 team.

8. Penn State –
The Nittany Lions routed Michigan State to clinch the Big 10 title.

Texas Tech – The Red Raiders walked into an ambush in Norman but I believe that they are still the third best team in the Big 12.

10. Oklahoma State –

11. Georgia –

12. Ohio State –
Five in a row!

13. Ball State –
A seven point win at Central Michigan has the Cardinals one step away from a perfect regular season.

14. Missouri –

15. TCU –
The Frogs finished off their season as a 44-10 win over Air Force.

16. Cincinnati –
Barring a miracle upset by Syracuse the Bearcats are the 2008 Big East Champions.

17. Oregon State –
Only in-state rival Oregon stands in the Beavers’ way of the Rose Bowl.

18. BYU –
The Cougars didn’t put up much of a fight and became the final victim of Utah.

19. Michigan State –
The Spartans suffered a bad loss but at least it was at the hands of the Big 10 champions.

20. Georgia Tech –
The Yellow Jackets are the only ACC team to be locked in to the conference championship game at this point.

21. Boston College –
The Eagles are on a three game winning streak and currently own the tie breaker over Florida State with Maryland waiting next.

22. Florida State –
Saturday’s 37-3 win over Maryland may have been the Seminoles most impressive of the year.

23. Mississippi –
Houston Nutt gets my vote for coach of the year!

24. Northwestern –
The Wildcats ended the season with consecutive wins over Michigan and Illinois.

25. Nebraska –

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hornets Return To OKC

The New Orleans Hornets return to the city that gave them shelter for two seasons in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Now the Ford Center crowd faces the decision of cheering for the team that drew the NBA to Oklahoma City or for the team that has made the Sooner state their new home.

Chris PaulN.O.20.7
Kevin DurantOKC21.5
Tyson Chandler N.O.8.9
Robert SwiftOKC6.3
Chris PaulN.O.11.9
Earl WatsonOKC5.6

There hasn’t been a lot to cheer for in the way of wins this season for the Thunder but there really were no expectations either. The Hornets can’t say the same! They bear the weight of the expectation of making a deep playoff run but have only produced a .500 record to this point. I could make the argument that New Orleans has been more of a disappointment this season than the Thunder have.

Oklahoma City could be the remedy to right the New Orleans ship. After playing in the Ford Center on Friday night they travel back to the Big Easy to host the Thunder on Saturday night. They could be two games above .500 by the end of the weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thunder Hit Season’s Low Point

The 2008-09 NBA season is only 12 games old but you have to believe that the Oklahoma City Thunder have already reached rock bottom. After going 0-2 on a weekend road trip to New York and Philadelphia when they had a legitimate chance to go 2-0 or 1-1 at the worst they came home and dropped an 11 point decision to the Houston Rockets. Then came Wednesday night’s game against the 1-9 LA Clippers. It wasn’t just a game that the Thunder could have won it is a game that they should have won when you consider that they were playing on their home floor.

Oklahoma City jumped out on the Clippers and enjoyed a 15 point lead in the second quarter and then some how the switch got turned off. LA went on a 14-2 run to end the half and then a 23-4 run in the third quarter to take a 15 point lead of their own and never looked back on their way to a 108-88. I did mention that the Clippers had only one win coming into the game, right?

Basically it was a two horse race for the worst team in the Western Conference and not only did the Thunder win it hands down they also staked their claim as the worst team in the entire NBA. I know that the Washington Wizards have their say about that but right now I would take them to win over the Thunder by double digits.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

CBS Sports Blog Poll Ballot: 11-17-08

1Alabama --
2Texas Tech --
3Florida --
4Texas --
5Oklahoma --
6Southern Cal --
7Boise State --
8Utah --
9Penn State --
10Oklahoma State --
11Georgia --
12Ohio State --
13Ball State --
14Missouri --
15Brigham Young --
16Michigan State --
17TCU --
18LSU --
19Cincinnati 3
20Oregon State 6
21Pittsburgh --
22Miami (Florida) 4
23Maryland 3
24Central Michigan 2
25Nebraska 1

Dropped Out: North Carolina (#19), Tulsa (#20), South Carolina (#23), Wake Forest (#24), Florida State (#25).
Some Thoughts

1. Alabama – The Tide slept walked through the first half against Mississippi State but came alive in the second to seal a victory and keep their top ranking.
2. Texas Tech – Idle
3. Florida – Alabama may still be undefeated but the Florida Gators are playing the best football in the SEC right now.
4. Texas – The Longhorns routed Kansas 35-7.
5. Oklahoma – Idle
6. USC – The Trojans struggled early but regained the same dominant form over the Pac 10 that we saw from the Mountain West earlier this season…err…I mean over the past few years.
7. Boise State – Another week in the WAC is another win for the Broncos
8. Utah – The Utes cruised to an easy 63-14 win over San Diego State.
9. Penn State – The Nittany Lions bounced back from last week’s disappointing loss with a 34-7 win over Indiana.
10. Oklahoma State – Winning in Boulder isn’t as easy as it sounds but the Cowboys won 30-17 despite having some sloppy play mixed in.
11. Georgia – The Bulldogs struggled immensely against Auburn but survived 17-13.
12. Ohio State – A 10 point win on the road over Illinois is…well a 10 point win on the road over Illinois.
13. Ball State – Perfection is only two games away for the Cardinals.
14. Missouri – The Tigers will have one more shot at taking on one of the top south teams in the Big 12 Championship Game.
15. BYU – Air Force gave the Cougars a run but in the end BYU was just too explosive on offense.
16. Michigan State – Idle
17. TCU – Idle
18. LSU – The Tigers only needed to play one quarter to beat Troy but that isn’t the kind of performance that is going to move you up in the polls.
19. Cincinnati – After sneaking past Louisville Friday night the Bearcats have only one more test before claiming the Big East Conference championship. That will be when the Pitt Panthers come to play this weekend.
20. Oregon State – Can the Beavers truly be Rose Bowl bound?
21. Pittsburgh – Idle
22. Miami (FL) – Thursday night’s game at Georgia Tech could determine who represents the coastal division in the ACC championship game.
23. Maryland – Their 17-15 win over North Carolina put them in the driver’s seat to the ACC championship game.
24. Central Michigan – The Chippewas have won six in a row and have a huge game coming up Wednesday night when Ball State rolls in.
25. Nebraska – The Huskers have won four of their last five games and face Colorado in their season finale on the 28th.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Inconsistency Drops Thunder To 1-9

I’m glad that I’m not P.J. Carlesimo because I would have no idea of how to motivate a group of underachievers to play four quarters of basketball. Apparently Carlesimo doesn’t either because the Thunder have yet to do it this season. The fans, and the NBA for that matter, have no idea what the true potential of this team is because they consistently play inconsistently. You can almost take it to the bank that they are either going to lay down in the first half and then become competitive in the second or be competitive in the first and then lay down in the second half. We saw examples of both this weekend on the Thunder’s road trip to New York and Philadelphia.

Against the Knicks on Friday night Oklahoma City was outscored 68-44 in the first half before becoming competitive in the second before losing 116-106. Then on Saturday evening in Philadelphia the Thunder were outscored 64-43 after a competitive first half in a 11-85 loss to the 76ers. Ultimately a team’s success or failure is based on expectations and no one realistically expected the Thunder to compete for a championship but we did expect them to compete. Maybe we should have just expected them to be consistent!