Monday, September 29, 2008

BlogPoll Ballot 9-30-08: New Blood

Here we go again! I complained last week that there was a gridlock and because of that I failed to make any changes in my top 14. I couldn’t do that this week because in a crazy flashback to last season Top 25 teams were dropping faster than the New York Mets in the MLB playoff race. This week only one team remained where they were last week and the chances of them remaining in the same place for very long are slim.

There has been a changing of the guard at the top of the poll where Oklahoma becomes the third team I’ve voted for behind Georgia and USC. Missouri is the only team that stays in the top 5 with Oklahoma.

Teams Moving Up

Oklahoma – The Sooners may have the most powerful offense in the nation and their defense isn’t bad either only giving up 13 points per game.

LSU – The Tigers are still the class of the SEC until someone knocks them off. The Florida Gators are next.

Penn State – PSU is suddenly the Big 10’s next BCS Championship contender.

Alabama – Seriously, raise your hand if you thought the Tide was going to thoroughly dominate Georgia the way they did.

Texas – In my opinion the Longhorns have been the most impressive team in the Big 12 based on expectations.

South Florida – The Bulls are building a case as the Big East’s top team.

Texas Tech – The Red Raiders move up because of attrition but they are going to have to earn their strips to stay there.

BYU – The Cougars are looking more and more like Cinderella each week.

Ohio State – Pryor is giving the Buckeyes new hope but there is still a long way to go.

Auburn – The Tigers scored a win over Tennessee but offense remains a concern.

Kansas – Benefactors of attrition.

Tulsa – The Golden Hurricane play in the same conference as East Carolina (C-USA) and are a lot more explosive. They are averaging 54.8 points per game.

Oklahoma State – The Cowboys seemed to be improved on defense and their offense is scary good.

Vanderbilt – Attrition

Boise State – Attrition

Teams Moving Down

Georgia – At least the Bulldogs lost to a top 10 team.

USC – Even though it was on the road losing to Oregon State is still unacceptable.

Florida – Losing at home to unranked Mississippi was the most shocking event of the weekend.

Wisconsin – The Badgers had their chance against Michigan but gave it away

New On The Ballot

Utah #17, Fresno State #21, Michigan State #23, Virginia Tech #24, Connecticut #25

1 Oklahoma 1
2 LSU 4
3 Penn State 4
4 Alabama 6
5 Missouri --
6 Texas 5
7 South Florida 7
8 Texas Tech 1
9 Brigham Young 3
10 Georgia 7
11 Southern Cal 10
12 Ohio State 3
13 Auburn 3
14 Kansas 3
15 Florida 11
16 Tulsa 3
17 Wisconsin 9
18 Oklahoma State 3
19 Utah 7
20 Vanderbilt 4
21 Fresno State 5
22 Boise State 3
23 Michigan State 3
24 Virginia Tech 2
25 Connecticut 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#13), Colorado (#18), Wake Forest (#20), East Carolina (#22), Illinois (#23).