Friday, September 05, 2008

Buster’s Best

The second weekend of the football season is here and Buster and I are back with some picks. Last week was close with me finishing 4-1 and Buster 3-2. This week we are throwing some NFL games into the mix.

Cincinnati at Oklahoma – Both of us are going with the Sooners to win at home.

BYU at Washington – Buster thinks that the Huskies are going to pull off the upset at home but I’m going with the Cougars.

South Florida at Central Florida – Buster likes another upset here with the Knights winning at home. I’m going to play it safe and take the Bulls.

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins – Who would have thought three months ago that this game would attract so much attention. Buster likes Miami to win at home and as much as it pains me I have to go with the Jets and hope I’m wrong.

Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns – We both agree that the Cowboys are going to start the season off with a win.

Last Week’s Games

Missouri vs. Illinois – Buster and I both went with the Missouri Tigers and were both right.

Buster 1-0
Me 1-0

Alabama at Clemson – Buster picks his first upset of the year by taking Bama. Of course I didn’t go with him.

Buster 2-0
Me 1-1

Tennessee at UCLA – We were both fooled into believing that that Tennessee would be able to beat a third-team quarterback.

Buster 2-1
Me 2-1

USC at Virginia – We both had the Trojans to win but I should be docked points for saying that Virginia would keep it close.

Buster 3-1
Me 3-1

Oklahoma State vs. Washington State – You know how kids are. You just can’t tell them anything. I tried my best to explain to Buster why picking Washington State was a bad idea here. He didn’t listen!

Buster 3-2
Me 4-1