Friday, February 27, 2009

NFL Free Agency Rumors

The Washington Redskins were the first team to make a big splash on the free agent market by locking up Albert Haynesworth to a 7-year, $100 million deal. Now others are jockeying for position to fill that void on their roster. Here’s the latest news on the NFL front.

The Denver Broncos are looking to get their next homerun back in either J.J Arrington from Arizona or Philly’s Correll Buckhalter or both. They have plans to meet with both backs as well as Miami safety Renaldo Hill.

Baltimore Ravens center Jason Brown is shopping his services around and the St. Louis Rams are trying to be first in line. Brown is hoping to land a deal for $7-8 million per year.

The Miami Dolphins aren’t interested in Brown’s high priced services but they are going to take a shot at Dallas Cowboys’ offensive lineman Joe Berger.

San Francisco is showing interest in Redskins defensive end Demetric Evans as well as Detroit Lions fullback Moran Norris.

Ravens linebacker Bart Scott is highly sought after by the Giants, Chiefs, Browns, Bucs, Broncos and Dolphins but it is the New York Jets who could land his services. Scott is already familiar with Jets new head coach Rex Ryan who was his defensive coordinator in Baltimore.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don’t Believe Us We’re Just A Blog

We’ve told you before here at My Opinion on Sports about the great deals on eyeglasses that can be found at Zenni Optical. Just in case you missed that post, Zenni Optical is a company that offers complete single vision eyeglasses for as low eight dollars. A recession in today’s economy isn’t going to erase a person’s need for glasses and when you consider that eight dollars also gets you anti scratch coating, UV protection as well as lens edge polishing and beveling it’s a deal that certainly shouldn’t be passed up.

It’s not just a limited selection of eight dollar glasses either. Zenni Optical offers a selection of thirty-six different pairs at that price. These are all quality looking eyeglasses like the pair shown above. Of course you may not want to just take our word for it. After My Opinion on Sports is just a small blog. If you need affirmation from a major news outlet check out what the New York Times had to say about Zenni Optical.

Thanks to Zenni Optical my days of paying over one hundred dollars for prescription eyeglasses are over and yours can be as well. Just pick out the frames that you like and then fill out the order form page found on the website. Complete your order by selecting your payment option (debit or credit card) and your new specs will arrive in the mail shortly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grandpa’s Got Game – He Just Can’t Play

At least it was the academic process and not Father Time that ended 73-year old Ken Mink's run as a college basketball player. Mink played for Roane State College in Harriman, Tennessee but failed to pass Spanish resulting in him being ruled academically ineligible.

Mink told the Knoxville News Sentinel that he had discussed his struggles in the Spanish class with his coach and a plan was devised to put Mink in another class so that he would have the proper number of credits needed to play. Regardless of age, coaches are coaches and players are players so the decision to bench Mink is being appealed.

"This is not an academic issue, it's an administrative issue," Mink wrote in an email to the News Sentinel on Friday. "... the NJCAA is ruling me ineligible because the NJCAA contends Roane State did not follow administrative procedures in restoring my eligibility after the NJCAA had questioned whether or not one of my courses was completed within the fall semester.

"Coach Nesbit supplied the NJCAA all the documentation proving my academic eligibility. Coach Nesbit knew I had met the requirements and restored me for play, but the NJCAA has contended the coach (or school) had not checked with the NJCAA a second time before restoring me to play."

When you are 73-years old time is of the essence and unfortunately for Mink the appeals process is most likely going to take longer than the basketball season has left.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Quest For A-Rod’s Cousin

Not since Joe Pesci starred in “My Cousin Vinny” has there been more buzz about someone’s cousin. Ever since Alex Rodriguez said that his “cousin” had injected him with steroids between 2001 and 2003 bloggers, writers and anyone who has a vendetta against the New York Yankees. Actually a few Yankee fans were interested in finding out who he is to see if he can score any juice that would help A-Rod get a post-season hit.

As it turns out Rodriguez’s cousin wasn’t really his cousin after all. I know, I know. A Major League Baseball steroid user isn’t telling the truth. I’m just as shocked as you are! The mysterious man in question is Yuri Sucart of Miami, Florida. Hiding under the “cousin” status Sucart was rat out by his wife on Thursday.

Who knows what motivated her to bring his name to light but what is known is that this is a story that needs to go away and go away rather quickly. Super Star cheats, MLB gets a black eye and wheel goes round and round. The Yankees should be embarrassed, A-Rod should be embarrassed and every fan of baseball fan should be embarrassed about what has happened to the sport.

Instead of taking any sort of disciplinary action this will get swept under the rug and only survive as long as media allows it to. It’ll be talked about for a while. It’ll provide fodder for heckling fans. Then eventually it’ll fall to the wayside as some other big name gets exposed. First Clemens and now A-Rod and we are left wondering who is next. Maybe Jose Canseco can tell us.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Perhaps Fontana Will Teach Us Something About NASCAR `09

There are a total of 36 races in the 2009 NASCAR season and with the sports premier event done with we’ve learned absolutely nothing about this season. Matt Kenseth found himself in victory lane after the Daytona and he could be the least talked about winner in a while. Instead the media and blogs were focused on Junior’s wiping out of 9 drivers in one blow and the subsequent rain delay that awarded Kenseth the winner.

Now the circuit moves west to Fontana, California for the Auto Club 500 and barring another controversial pile up followed by an act of God perhaps we’ll get a real gage on the season. With all due respect is anyone buying that Kenseth is the top driver after last weekend’s race? For that matter is Kurt Bush the 11th or Jimmie Johnson the 31st? We just don’t know yet!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Biggest Officiating Blunder Ever!

There are those high school officials who you just know one day are going to be officiating an All-Star Game sometime and then there are the guys that called the Rio Americano High vs. Bella Vista basketball game who are totally at the other end of the spectrum.

Rio Americano was down by five points with just 12 seconds when they committed an intentional foul against rival Bella Vista. With two free throws and the ball resulting from the intentional foul the game should have been over. However, as the video will attest to it didn’t go down that way.

The foul wasn’t only intentional it was intentionally rough as Rio's Pierce Burton grabbed Bella Vista's Justin Haley and rode him to the ground. Of course teenage boys being teenage boys both teams had players stand up and wander from the bench to watch the spectacle that strangely resembled elementary beginner’s wrestling.

High on the moment the officials sprung into action and called a technical foul on every player that stepped away from the bench. The result? Eight free throws for Bella Vista and eighteen for Rio – the team that instigated the incident - to complete the miraculous comeback.
Fortunately the decision was appealed and the powers that be overturned the official’s decision and gave the game back to Bella Vista.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lose The Super Bowl, Lose Your Job!

The Arizona Cardinals accomplished something last week that they’d never done before. For the first time in their history they reached the Super Bowl. The Cardinals made their historic run through the NFC Playoffs by sending by beating the Falcons and Eagles at home and the Carolina Panthers on the road before falling to Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. Now, two guys who helped Arizona march through the post-season won’t be there in 2009.

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley just took the challenge of resurrecting the Kansas City Chiefs from the dead and don’t think for a second that he wont try and sweet free agent and Pro-Bowl quarterback Kurt Warner with him. Under Haley the Cardinals were third in the NFL in scoring and set a franchise record with 427 points scored.

Defensively they weren’t quite as good but still good enough to win an NFC Championship. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt who after seeing one Super Bowl coordinator willingly leave kicked the other out the door on Saturday. Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast was a holdover from the Dennis Green era but reaching the Super Bowl wasn’t good enough to save his job this year.

Regardless of whether its fair or not when you lose in such dramatic fashion as the Cardinals did someone has to be the goat.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Al Davis Can’t Find Anyone To Put Up With Him, Sticks With Cable

Tom Cable is the next person to jump on the crazy merry-go-round known as the Oakland Raiders which means that he’s the odds on favorite to become the next NFL head coach to be fired.

Cable was named interim in September when Lane Kiffin was fired following a Lane Kiffin’s firing. Al Davis said this week that the Raiders finishing the season with back-to-back wins is what convinced him that Cable should have the interim tag removed and him named as the next head coach. However, it took him over a month and several candidate interviews to announce it. My take on it is that Davis couldn’t pay anyone else to ride the crazy train with him after he’s made a mockery on a once proud NFL franchise.

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Backup Your Documents With Confidence

IDrive is introducing the thinnest and lightest USB drive ever. With 320 GB storage capacity you can backup multiple computers or even use it for online backup with seamless integration. This new Portable Drive gives you freedom to work from multiple stations and store multiple documents and programs in one location with the confidence of a reliable backup.

Prices at just 119.95 the IDrive is 120 mm long and only 10 mm deep giving this portable drive a sleek look. Powered by USB the IDrive is fast. With a 5400 RPM hard drive it is almost 24% faster than the 4200 RPM drives. It operates with Windows 2000 or newer, MAC OS X and Time-Machine.

Now you can have the freedom to do local backups, for quicker restores, with relative ease.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

National Signing Day Notes

Thousands of high school stars will declare who they will play college football for today and try to make their marks on the national scene while millions of anxious fans watch on. Here are a few of the biggest stories to come from National Signing Day so far.

* Florida’s gets deeper! As if the Gators weren’t already deep enough they are reaping the benefits from two national championships in three years. Five star defensive tackle Gary Brown from Quincy, FL was one of the first players commit to play for Florida today. The Gators also added 5-star linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

* LSU is cleaning up! The Tigers have the nation’s top recruiting class at this point according to Rivals. Les Miles has commitments from four 5-star players and twelve 4-star recruits. The class was topped with Reuben Randle’s early announcement that he would stay instate to play for the Tigers.

* USC lands 5-star safety. Byron Moore was bouncing back and forth between USC and Colorado but finally decided to stay with his original commitment and become a Trojan.

* Kiffin’s First Big Recruit! New Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin had struggled on the recruiting path but finally received some good news with the announcement that 4-star safety Darren Myles is coming to Knoxville.

* Buffs finding new targets. Colorado may have had some struggles at the quarterback position last season but there won’t be a shortage of targets for the passers to throw to next season. Four star receiver Andre Simmons and 3-star receiver Terdema Ussery both have packed their bags for Boulder.

* Bobby Massie goes Nutts. Mississippi head coach Houston Nutt has landed the nation’s top ranked prep player in 5-star offensive lineman Bobby Massie.

* Billy Sanders goes coast-to-coast. Three star tight end Billy Sanders had previously committed to play for UCLA but instead faxed his letter of intent to the University of Miami and will instead play for the Hurricanes.

* Sun Devils steal one from Trojans. Vontaze Burfict is a 5-star linebacker that many had pegged to play for USC. Instead he chose to leave the state of California to play for Arizona State.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Reduce Your Debt And Get Your Head Above Water

As more and more people are feeling the weight of the economic crisis we are seeing more families fall behind on various payments. Even in the recession Americans are still spending more than they are earning per year. Now, they are looking for answers!

With Americans racking up billions of dollars in credit card debt and faulting on bad loans the need for debt reduction may have never been greater than it is right now. not only allows its users to find resources on debt reduction but also tips on saving money and resolving general debt issues. The economy will eventually turn around but the unfortunate fact is that when it does unresolved debt will be there.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl Doesn’t Disappoint

Eli Manning’s game winning drive against the New England Patriots last February was one of the greatest moments in Super Bowl history capping one of the greatest Super Bowls to be played. Who would have thought that a year later it would have been topped by the Steelers and Cardinals?

After Pittsburgh’s James Harrison returned an interception 100 yards for a score the Steelers seemed to be in control with a 17-7 halftime lead. However, after bumping their lead to 20-7, Pittsburgh inexplicably decided to move their safeties all the way back to Miami leaving Larry Fitzgerald all the room he needed to make the type of big plays we’ve come accustomed to seeing from him in the playoffs. The combination of deep safeties and Arizona’s version of Tecmo Bowl made for one of the greatest 4th quarters the NFL’s biggest game has ever seen.

There are, and will continue to be, rumblings about unfair officiating and while there are some interesting arguments out there I’m not buying it. Both teams made some stupid penalties throughout Arizona just made more. I for one appreciate the fact that the officials didn’t penalize Santonio Holmes for his end zone tribute to Lebron James. In the same way they didn’t penalize the Cardinals for their team celebration following Fitzgerald’s 64-yard 4th quarter explosion.
Were there blown calls in the game? Sure there were! Yes, the Cardinal fans have a gripe but so does every other fanbase whose team has lost a heartbreaking contest in the final seconds. That’s what makes the game great! What would be the Super Bowl be without controversy? Controversy is what creates greatness and this game was absolutely great!