Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Your Summer Tan Look Now From The Comfort Of Home!

School is winding down and summer is quickly approaching. You know what that means don’t you? Vacations, cruises, beaches and fun are just around the corner. Of course you don’t want to go to the beach with your pale white winter tan and with temperatures not yet warm enough for outdoor tanning the only other feasible solution is Tanning Beds. Of course that means a trip to the tanning salon and time out of your day. Unless you had the ability to unwind at home and relax in your very own tanning bed.

A Tanning Bed in you own home could be more affordable than you think and it definitely would be more convenient.

AFC East Free Agents

Here’s a quick peek at what the teams from the AFC East have done in the free agent market to this point.

Free Agents Pos. Status
Keith Ellison LB Restricted
George Wilson WR Restricted
Kirk Chambers OT Unrestricted
Angelo Crowell LB Unrestricted
Melvin Fowler C Unrestricted
Jabari Greer CB Unrestricted
Teddy Lehman LB Unrestricted
J.P. Losman QB Unrestricted
Duke Preston C Unrestricted
Jason Whittle OT Unrestricted

Re-signed Pos. Status
Dustin Fox S Agreed to a contract on Feb. 27
Gibran Hamdan QB Agreed to a contract on Feb. 27
Corey McIntyre RB Signed a two-year extension on Feb. 26
John DiGiorgio LB Signed a contract on Feb. 18
Justin Jenkins WR Signed a contract on Feb. 17

Additions Pos. Status (Old Team)
Geoff Hangartner C Signed a contract on Feb. 28 (CAR)
Ryan Fitzpatrick QB Signed a contract on Feb. 27 (CIN)
P.K. Sam WR Unrestricted on Jan. 27 (CFL Toronto Argonauts)
Marvin Philip C Unrestricted on Jan. 27 (BAL)

Subtractions Pos. Status (New Team)
Robert Royal TE Unrestricted
Derrick Dockery G Signed a five-year contract (WAS)


Players Pos. Status
Al Johnson C Unrestricted
Tab Perry WR Unrestricted
Derek Smith LB Unrestricted
Re-signed Pos. Status
Yeremiah Bell S Signed a four-year contract on Feb. 26
Channing Crowder LB Signed a three-year contract on Feb. 25
Vernon Carey OT Signed a six-year contract extension on Feb. 20
Additions Pos. Status (Old Team)
Gibril Wilson S Agreed to terms on a contract on Feb. 27 (OAK)
Subtractions Pos. Status (New Team)
Andre' Goodman CB Signed a five-year contract (DEN)
Renaldo Hill S Signed a four-year contract (DEN)
Matt McChesney G Unrestricted (DEN)


Free Agents Pos. Status
Eric Alexander LB Restricted
Wesley Britt OT Restricted
Pierre Woods LB Restricted
Rosevelt Colvin LB Unrestricted
Heath Evans FB Unrestricted
Chris Hanson P Unrestricted
Rodney Harrison S Unrestricted
Russ Hochstein G Unrestricted
Larry Izzo LB Unrestricted
LaMont Jordan RB Unrestricted
Deltha O’Neal CB Unrestricted
Lewis Sanders CB Unrestricted
Junior Seau LB Unrestricted
Kenny Smith DT Unrestricted
Barry Stokes OT Unrestricted
Tank Williams S Unrestricted
Mike Wright DT Unrestricted
Re-signed Pos. Status
James Sanders S Signed a three-year contract on Mar. 1
Additions Pos. Status (Old Team)
Chris Baker TE Agreed to a contract on Feb. 27 (NYJ)
Fred Taylor RB Agreed to a contract on Feb. 27 (JAC)
Subtractions Pos. Status (New Team)
Matt Cassel QB Traded (KC)
Mike Vrabel LB Traded (KC)
Jabar Gaffney WR Signed a four-year contract (DEN)
Lonie Paxton OL Signed a five-year contract (DEN)


Free Agents Pos. Status
Abram Elam S Restricted
Eric Barton LB Unrestricted
Hank Poteat CB Unrestricted
Ahmad Carroll CB Unrestricted
Jesse Chatman RB Unrestricted
Jay Feely K Unrestricted
Bubba Franks TE Unrestricted
Ty Law CB Unrestricted
C.J. Mosley DT Unrestricted
Mike Nugent K Unrestricted
J.R. Reed S Unrestricted
Cody Spencer LB
Unrestricted Re-signed Pos. Status
Brandon Moore G Signed a four-year contract on Feb. 27
Tony Richardson FB Signed a one-year contract on Feb. 28
Additions Pos. Status (Old Team)
Lito Sheppard CB Traded for a 2009 second-round pick and a 2010 conditional pick on Feb. 28 (PHI)
Bart Scott LB Signed a six-year contract on Feb. 27 (BAL)
Subtractions Pos. Status (New Team)
Chris Baker TE Agreed to a contract (NE)
Laveranues Coles WR Unrestricted
Noah Herron RB Unrestricted
David Bowens LB Unrestricted
Brad Kassell LB Unrestricted
Brett Favre Retired

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Learn About Beta Glucan

Immune boosters are a popular item during the cold and flu season but what about immune boosters that actually work to lower your cholesterol as well. An item like that should be a must for anyone who is health conscious.

Greenpath pure barley beta glucan is a natural immune booster that could even help reduce your risk of cancer. You can get a twenty day supply (sixty capsules) for under $55 and begin an advanced fight against illness.

Beta Glucan is sodium, lactose and gluten free. It is all natural and means that you don’t suffer from the harmful side effects that are a result of prescription cholesterol drugs.

Manny Being Manny Is A Tired Act

Manny Ramirez earned a ticket out of Boston by refusing to run out ground balls, refusing to come out of the dugout and at times taking breaks inside the Green Monster. Joe Torre watched from the opposing dugout as Manny and his Red Sox teammates became the new kings of the AL East as well as the Boys of October by making regular appearances in the Fall Classic. Now Ramirez has once again become a thorn in Torre’s side but in a different way.

Since arriving in L.A. Manny led the Dodgers to the post season and a first round upset of the Chicago Cubs. Since then he has been led astray by rogue manager Scott Boras. Boras and Ramirez have rejected four offers from the Dodgers to play the 2009 season and beyond. Frustration has built to the point where team owner Frank McCourt described the negotiations as a side show.

“It’s a side show, a smoke screen,” McCourt said. “Call it what you will.”

McCourt said that the Dodgers aren’t through negotiating with Manny but suggested that hasn’t forgotten the way negotiations have gone with Boras and that it could have a lingering effect on upcoming offers.

“Every day things are changing and we need to be mindful of that,” he said. “We’ve made four offers since November. And, you know what, the world isn’t anything like the way it was in November.”

According to McCourt the Dodgers are going to start from “scratch” on Monday but it is clear that the organization is tired of the antics and tired of him not being in camp. Manny doesn’t have the track record in L.A. that he had in Boston so the fans may not be as used to his antics nor may they be willing to accept them.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Plastic Gears Are Cost Effective And Durable

Does you occupation or hobby put you in need of plastic spur gears? If so then you should give Plastic Machining Company a look. With in-house manufacturing they have the ability to meet just about every gearing need whether custom or standard.

The plastic MaxGlyde© gears offered by Plastic Machining Company have advantages over their metal counterparts in the areas of noise reduction and wear. It certainly would be worth the look!