Monday, October 02, 2006

Face Stomping in the NFL

I’ve seen a lot of dirty plays over the years watching NFL football but nothing like this. Cowboys center Andre Gurode’s helmet came off during a Julius Jones touchdown run in the third quarter. With the play over and Gurode on the ground, helmetless, Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth walked by and stomped on his face twice. That’s right stomped!

Gurode received 30 stitches from the stomping and Haynesworth received an ejection with a certain suspension pending. In a post game interview Haynesworth pleaded for people to believe that he wasn’t a dirty player and was drowning in a sea of guilt.

"What I did out there was disgusting," Haynesworth said. "It doesn't matter what the league does to me. The way I feel right now, you just can't describe it."

It does matter what the NFL does and anything less than a four game suspension would be a crime. By the way one of the first lessons in life is that your actions speak louder than words and regardless of what he says Albert Haynesworth will always be remembered for this incident and because of that a dirty player.