Friday, September 29, 2006

Buster's Best

Once again I’m glad that I don’t actually bet on games. Buster and I do this for kicks and he usually gets something cool out of it. Looking at our records you can see why it would be a horribly bad idea to actually wager money.

Last Week’s Games

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins
– I’m quickly becoming a frustrated Dolphins’ fan. This is not the team I expected to see on the field this season. The team I expected to see would have crushed the Titans last week. Instead they snuck off with a three point win. That wasn’t enough to cover the 11 point spread and it left me with a loss and Buster with a win. Buster 1-0, Dad 0-1

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts – Jacksonville played the Colts a lot better than I thought they would. I had Indy covering the 9 points but Buster was smarter than me. Buster 2-0, Dad 0-2

Middle Tennessee at Oklahoma – I thought Oklahoma would be dominant because of the level of competition they were playing. OU more than covered the 29 points they were giving to Middle Tennessee State and I finally picked up a win. Buster wasn’t as fortunate he took the Blue Raiders and the points. Buster 2-1, Dad 1-2

Oklahoma State at Houston – It looks like nothing has changed with Oklahoma State. The Houston Cougars moved the ball at will on the Cowboys. That wasn’t good news for Buster and I because we had the Cowboys winning. Buster 2-2, Dad 1-3

Iowa State at Texas – As of now Texas appears to be one dimensional on offense and struggling on pass defense. They didn’t cover the 23.5 but were as close as you can get. The good news is that I tied Buster for the week on this game. The bad news is we both had a losing record. Buster 2-3, Dad 2-3

For the season: Buster 9-10-1, Dad 8-11-1

Flag Football Update: Buster’s team lost their first game in two seasons. Buster had some nice runs and a few nice passes in the 18-12 loss.

This Week’s Games

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets – The Colts are 9 point favorites again this week. They burned me last weekend but they won’t this weekend. Buster and I are both taking Indy to cover the 9 points they are giving to the J.E.T.S. –Jets, Jets, Jets!

Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans – Buster thinks the T.O. turmoil will distract the Cowboys causing them to not cover the 9.5 points they are giving the Titans. I say they are playing the Titans and unless you are Miami that gives you at least a 10 point cushion. I’ll take Dallas to cover.

Purdue at Notre Dame – Buster likes the undefeated Boilermakers to cover the 14 points they are getting from Notre Dame. I like the Irish to cover. The Purdue defense is even worse than Notre Dame’s.

USC at Washington State – I don’t know why but Buster is taking the Cougars to cover the 17 points they are getting from the Trojans. I like USC to roll Washington State.