Thursday, October 12, 2006

Texas vs. U.S.A.

The state of Texas has always had a large ego in regards to their football but the Lone Star State may have bitten off more than they can chew this time. As if we didn’t already have enough meaningless post-season games now we get to see if Texas football players really are better than players from the other 49 states in the Texas vs. the Nation all-star bowl.

The Texas squad will feature seniors with high school or collegiate ties to the state. The "nation" roster will be filled with players with no Texas ties. While I’m one of the first to admit that Texas yields an amazing crop of talented athletes each year I don’t see how they can match-up to the combined powers of California, Florida, Louisiana and 46 other states.

The game will be held February 2 and at the Sun Bowl and will be televised live on CSTV. Here’s the best part. UTEP head coach Mike Price will coach the Texas squad and the national team will be led by none other than 72 year old Buddy Ryan. Any chance he would put out a bounty on the Texas kicker?