Friday, October 27, 2006

Cowboys Fans, The End Is Near

Jerry Jones is disappointed, Terrell Owens is happy and Bill Parcells has got to be getting tired of being a clown in this three ring circus.

The newest saga in the Dallas Cowboys soap opera started Monday night when Parcells replaced turnover prone veteran quarterback Drew Bledsoe with the unproven fourth year backup Tony Romo.

Despite throwing three interceptions (including one on his first pass) Parcells said Wednesday that he is staying with Romo and will start him Sunday when the Cowboys play at Carolina Saturday night.

In the aftermath of the quarterback change Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones has expressed his disappointment.

"I have to be a realist," Jones said. "I hadn't thought or hoped that we'd be sitting here after the sixth game making these adjustments. ... I did not want to this year go to an inexperienced quarterback. I wanted to have the benefit of Drew Bledsoe. It hasn't worked out as of today. It just hasn't worked out. That to me is a step back."

Flamboyant, Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens had a different take on the Romo/Bledsoe quarterback exchange.

"I looked across the formation and he looked at me and he knew what was going on," Owens said. "It's just two players making a play."

Did he and Bledsoe ever develop that bond?

"I honestly tried to do that time and time again," he said. "But for whatever reason it didn't happen."

Give him time Tony and he will turn on you as well. T.O. hasn’t met a quarterback yet that can make him happy to be a team player.

Surely this marks the end of the Cowboys play-off hopes, right? There is no way that Romo is going to lead Dallas to a division title or wild card birth, is there? Did you see him play Monday night?

This has to be the end of the line for Bill Parcells in Dallas. I don’t see anyway he returns to the sidelines for the Cowboys next season. At one point Monday night I didn’t even think he would make it through the game. He’ll either walk at the end of the season or be given his papers by Jerry Jones.

Before you make the argument that Jones wouldn’t do that to a Hall of Fame Champion coach refer to Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson.

So where is Bill Parcells in all of this? He said that he was not nervous about starting Romo. He said the better description is "anxious to see what is going to happen."

So is the rest of America, Bill.

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