Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Play-Off Predictions

It’s time for the MLB play-offs and while my Mariners are no where to be found I’m still very excited to get things going. Here are my thoughts on the first round and my predictions.


Despite the fact that the Yankees have struggled with injury problems this season they are still money in the first round of the play-offs. Detroit has the edge on defense but the Yankees have too much play-off experience and too many bats to be hindered by the Tigers.

Mariano Rivera also gives the Yankees a bullpen advantage and while I have tons of respect for Jim Leyland you can’t discount Joe Torre’s post season experience.

My Prediction: Yankees in 4


Minnesota has just about every advantage possible in this series! They have the best starting pitcher in Santana. They have the best offense and defense and the stronger bullpen. The Twins even have momentum going 6-4 over their final 10 games and clinching the division.

My Prediction: Twins in 4


This will be a lot closer than any of the AL series’. The Mets pitching staff suffered a huge blow with the loss of Pedro Martinez which gives the starting pitching advantage to the Dodgers. The Mets will make up for it on defense though with the best player between the two teams, Carlos Beltran.

My Prediction: Mets in 5


This will be another close series and won’t feature a lot of high scoring games. Both teams are solid defensively and neither one is going to pound you with a lot of runs.

The Cards have the best pitcher in Chris Carpenter but San Diego has the best overall staff and bullpen.

My Prediction: Cards in 5