Friday, October 06, 2006

Buster's Best

For whatever reason Buster and I only picked four games last week, it’s probably a good thing because it kept us from having an even worse record.

Last Week’s Games
Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets – How about the Jets! They lost the game but you have to admit that this is a much improved team over last season. Wish I could say the same thing about my Dolphins.

The Colts were 9 point favorites over New York and Buster and I expected them to cover easily. Here’s a surprise, we were wrong! Buster 0-1, Dad 0-1

Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans – Buster had the Cowboys struggling against the Titans and not covering the 9.5 points they were favored by. I had them covering and then some. Buster 0-2, Dad 1-1

Purdue at Notre Dame – Buster and I were split on the 14 point spread for this game. He thought Purdue would cover and I was taking the Irish. Never thought we would see a split. Buster 0-2-1, Dad 1-1-1

USC at Washington State – I have to give Buster a lot of credit here because he said that Washington State would cover and I thought he was crazy. Buster 1-2-1, Dad 1-2-1

For the season: Buster 10-12-2, Dad 9-13-2
This Week’s Games
Buster’s little brother, Mavin, is joining us this week for picks. He won’t pick the spread though. He’ll just go with the winners.

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots – I have lost complete faith in my Dolphins. The are 10 point dogs on the road and I think they should be more. I’m taking the Pats to cover.

Buster is going the other way and taking Miami to cover the 10 points. I can’t really say anything. He had Washington State covering against USC last week. Mavin is picking his “Mighty Dolphins” to win.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles – This is going to be a good game! I’m going with the Eagles to win and cover the 2 points they are favored by. Mavin says the Eagles will win as well.

Buster believes in his Cowboys and says they will win straight up, thus covering the 2 points they are getting from Philly.

Oklahoma State at Kansas State – The Cowboys are favored by 2.5 at Manhattan. All I need to say here is that the Wildcats lost to Baylor last week. OSU isn’t a great team in my opinion but they are better than Baylor. For that reason we are all picking the Cowboys to win and cover the spread.
Stanford at Notre Dame – Once again we are all unanimous that a very bad team will get crushed. We all like the Irish to win and Buster and I both agree it will be by more than the 29.5 they are favored by.

Oklahoma/Texas – Red River Rivalry is in full effect! We come from a Sooner house therefore we cannot possibly pick Texas even if we thought they would win. Oklahoma is a four point dog to the Texas heifers and we all say that they will not only cover but will win! BOOMER SOONER!!!!!

Flag Football Update: Buster’s team returned to their winning ways again last Saturday with a 12-6 win. Buster had several good runs including one for a touchdown!