Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dolphins Activate Vick

On the same week college football saw an ugly brawl in Miami and the NFL suspended Koren Robinson, Shaun Rogers and Matt Lehr for violating the leagues substance abuse policy the Miami Dolphins announce that they are not above having thugs on their team as well. Miami added former Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick to the active roster from the practice squad. Vick will be used as a qb/wr/kr and could have big play ability. However, he is best known for his thuggish antics in college that resulted in his early departure to the NFL.

Vick caught one touchdown pass, played as a kick returner and took a handful of snaps at quarterback during the exhibition season. He will provide depth at quarterback which shows that Daunte Culpepper really isn’t ready to play and poses the question of will we see Culpepper again this season? Desperate times call for desperate measures and Miami is in a total state of desperation right now. They are by far the most disappointing team in the NFL this season. Vick could be used in a “Slash” type position a la Kordell Stewart and actually give Miami fans something to cheer for when the team is on offense.

Hopefully we will see him in the headlines for those reasons and not the reasons we already know him for.