Saturday, May 06, 2006

University of Stealing and Cheating

USC Head Coach Pete Carroll said that he is confident that his program will not receive any major penalties and I guess I am out of the loop for wondering why. Why wouldn’t USC get hammered? Here are the issues at hand.

• Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush’s family reportedly received over $100,000 in cash from Michael Michael’s.
• Bush’s family also reportedly lived rent free in a ¾ million dollar home for over a year.
• Quarterback Mark Sanchez was arrested for investigation of sexually assaulting a female student. Sanchez was released on $200,000 bail. How does a college kid get $200,000? Maybe he’s “in” with Bush’s family.
• An investigation is under way as to whether an upscale apartment Dwayne Jarrett shared with Matt Leinart violated NCAA rules.

Do the words “lack of institutional control” sound familiar? Through it all Pete Carroll remains confident. "We're trying to inform and educate better than anybody in the country.” The Trojan coach said. “I'd like to think we do it better than anybody. We're going to continue to bust our tails to make sure everybody understands. We're trying to do this better than anybody else has ever done it."

Carroll said he hasn't felt any negative impact on recruiting.
"Right now, I don't feel it," he said. "We're getting great response wherever we go."

Of course you are getting a great response. What 18 year old kid wouldn’t want to go to school someplace where your family gets paid lots of money, you get to have you way with the ladies and live in a lush apartment?