Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Eastern Conference Finals

The conference finals are finally here and don’t hold you breath on the NBA Finals arriving anytime soon. Both conference final series have the potential to go the full distance of seven games.

Once again Shaq and Wade have to pay the piper known as the Detroit Pistons in order to try to reach the coveted championship.

As has been the case for the Pistons throughout the play offs the Eastern Conference Finals will feature the team with the most dominant player against the best team in basketball.

Shaq is averaging 20 points, 9 rebounds and almost 2 blocks a game for the Heat while Dwayne Wade is leading the team in scoring with 27 points a game. The Heat also have an edge in rest as well. While the Pistons were toying with Cleveland the Heat were home resting their legs.

That said, here is why the Pistons are going to win this series. Take away the fact that Detroit really does have the best starting five in the NBA they also have a great bench with Hunter and McDyess. The Heat are going to bring Payton and Walker off the bench but over the long haul the Pistons will be the stronger team with bench players.

Miami will also wear down the longer this series goes. Their aged veterans will show their fatigue in games five and beyond. It will be a great series!

Semifinals Look Back

Here is how I picked the Conference Semifinals and what actually happened. I got all the winners correct but missed the number of games in all but the Mavericks/Spurs series.

My Prediction: Detroit in five games.
What really happened: Detroit won in seven games.

New Jersey/Miami
My Prediction: Heat in six games
What really happened: Heat won in seven games.

Dallas/San Antonio
My Prediction Dallas in seven games.
What really happened: Mavericks won in seven games.

LA Clippers/Phoenix Suns
My Prediction: Suns in six games.
What really happened: Suns won in seven games.