Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Wrong Kind of Recruiting

When you are a college head coach at the Division I level you have to work really hard to get the people you want into your program. You have to make phone calls, write them, and check in on them almost day and night just to make sure that they know you are still interested. It’s almost like you are stalking them but when you are a men’s basketball coach and the person you are doing all this to is a woman than it is stalking.

Florida A&M men’s basketball coach Mike Gillespie Sr. has been under investigation since March 2005 for stalking complaints and was finally arrested last week for allegedly stalking a woman at her work. He was placed on paid leave by the university on Wednesday while the most recent investigation is pending.

They say that you have to have a lot of personality to make it as a head basketball coach because you have to appeal to and attract people to yourself and your program. Gillespie was making it! He won 20 games and had A&M in the NCAA tournament this past spring. I guess that’s not good enough to get a date in Tallahassee.