Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Money Making Blog Adventure

Last week I told you that My Opinion on Sports had turned two and one of the benefits of having an “established blog” are the in roads you make with advertising. Over the last two years I’ve tried just about all the ad ideas out there for a blog publisher and by far the most rewarding to this point has been Pay Per Post.

There are lots of companies out there looking to advertise on blogs because news gets around quicker by word of mouth so Pay Per Post connects you to them. They don’t just tell you what to write like some paid posting avenues out there they give you the opportunity to research the link form an opinion and then write about it.

I’ve been with Pay Per Post since January and have already made over $150.00 by writing a few extra post a week. When you compare that to the amount of time it takes to build up an account with pay per click text ads you see the value in posting for profit.

Hey, I’m not trying to get rich from my blog. I do it because it’s a great hobby and it keeps me busy. However, the extra cash is going to come in real handy this summer on vacation.