Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Super Bowl Coming to Jerry World

It’s not even built yet but in 2011 the Super Bowl will be held at the new Dallas Cowboys’ stadium in Arlington, Texas. The north Texas group lobbying to bring the Super Bowl to the Dallas metroplex used the personal plea of Roger Staubach to put their presentation over the top with the NFL owners.

While the city of Indianapolis was using the fact that they have hosted large scale events such as the Final Four and the Indianapolis 500 as well as a Top 10 list from David Letterman to make their push the Dallas group needed only to make mention of Jerry Jones new $1 billion stadium and its potential 120,000 person seating capacity.

"I think every other aspect of our bid candidly was stronger than Dallas' but for the size of the stadium," said Fred Glass, president of Indianapolis' bid committee. "So based on that, that's the only thing I can think of that was the deciding piece."

Mr. Glass is absolutely correct. It looks like Jerry Jones is getting what he wants this time not because of the size of his wallet but for the size of his stadium.