Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Around the Empire

The Perfect Line-Up

Many managers have different ways of setting up their line ups before a game. Most of them follow the hitter-hitter-RBI-power method for the first four slots, but there is an even better way.

The Lead-off Hitter:
The lead-off hitter should not be the batter with the highest batting average, but instead the batter with the highest on-base percentage. My Opinion on Baseball

Gordon continues winning streak

Maybe I should switch lyalties to Jeff Gordon. Its high time I did that.

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Jeff Gordon overcame an overheating engine — he said with five laps to go there was no way he'd make it to the finish — to race to his third victory of the season Sunday at Darlington Raceway. Hendrick Motorsports has won four straight races, eight of the last nine, and remained perfect in five Car of Tomorrow events.

"I can't believe that thing lasted," Gordon said of his motor, which had thick steam streaming out of it for the last hour of the race. "There's no way that thing should have ever made it."

When it did — even though Gordon gambled and didn't make a final pit stop when most of the field did with 23 laps to go — Gordon won for the third time in four races and maintained a 231-point lead over Jimmie Johnson in the Nextel Cup standings.

"That's the way you win races right there," said Gordon, a seven-time Darlington winner. "What an amazing year we're having."

As steam poured from his engine, Gordon figured his chance at victory had gone up in smoke. My Opinion on NASCAR

Cheap Shot Bob

I fully admit that I have enjoyed watching the tension build in the Phoenix Suns/San Antonio Spurs playoff series but after Monday night’s game four fiasco I’m growing a little tired of it.

Here’s why. The wanna be thugs known as the Spurs are in fact really just a bunch of whiners who throw fits when pushed back. San Antonio has done everything they know to do to try to intimidate, and physically abuse, Phoenix in this series. They’ve pushed, kicked, punched, kneed and on body checked in order to bully their way into the Western Conference Finals. What’s next - ear biting? My Opinion on Sports

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