Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is It Time For A Change?

It’s no fun being a New York Yankee right now. It’s no fun being a player, fan, or even the owner. No one affiliated with the Bronx Bombers is having a good time this season.

As of Tuesday night the Yankees were eight games under .500 (21-29) and are tied with the Devil Rays for last place in the AL East. They have lost five games in a row and thirteen of their last eighteen games to sit 14.5 games back of the first place Boston Red Sox. To put it in perspective the Texas Rangers are only 12.5 games behind the LA Angels and the lowly Kansas City Royals are only 13.5 games behind Cleveland Indians. That’s right sports fans the Yankees have more games to make up, tied with Tampa Bay, than any other team in the American League.

So what is the problem? They really can’t use injury anymore. Their lineup sports the most expensive men in Major League Baseball and Joe Torre is a legend. Is Brian Cashman to blame? He put the team together but everyone knows it was the Boss who was really making the calls. What about Joe Torre? Has he lost the ability to motivate or properly manage the lineup? What about Jason Giambi and the steroid scandal? Could they be blamed for becoming a distraction to the team?

This team has no chemistry and they are a long way from becoming a well oiled machine. So much so that Toronto’s Aaron Hill stole home plate Tuesday night while Andy Pettitte was virtually clueless. The Yankees have become Major League Baseball’s comedy of errors.

While just about everyone is to blame they can’t all take the fall. However, someone has to be the goat because George Steinbrenner has the highest paid last place team in the history of baseball. So, whose head will roll first?