Monday, May 07, 2007

NFL Rumors

Trent Green is Still Going to be a Dolphin

Miami Dolphins GM Randy Mueller won’t give any specifics but there are still negotiations going on to acquire Tent Green despite drafting John Beck from BYU in the second round.

The Chiefs have their backs against the wall now and Miami has the upper hand in this deal. Green will not restructure his $7.2 million dollar contract with any team other than the Miami Dolphins and now that the draft has come and gone the only other option for the Chiefs is to cut him.

Green will be a Dolphin it’s just a matter of time.

Keyshawn a Packer?

He’s not Randy Moss but he is flashy and flamboyant and Brett Favre needs a new target.

According to an NFL source with strong connections to Johnson, the Packers are doing their homework on the 11-year veteran and are considering whether he would be a good fit for their team.

LJ Could Stull be a Holdout Threat for Chiefs

Larry Johnson has rushed for 3,539 yards and 37 touchdowns the last two seasons for Kansas City and has 3 years left on the deal he signed as a rookie in 2003. He is scheduled to make $1.85 million this year and $967,000 next year.

Now that he is the number one option for the Chiefs at running back LJ wants a new deal. Although both sides have talked they are reportedly miles apart meaning Johnson could be a holdout going into the summer.