Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mariners Hanging In

Well they aren’t first but they aren’t worst either. The Seattle Mariners (the official MLB team of My Opinion on Sports) will enter tonight’s game against the Chicago White Sox owning the AL West’s second place spot with a 10-10 record.

This won’t be an easy week though for the Mariners who will host Chicago today and tomorrow before traveling to Boston for one game before landing in New York for a weekend series with the Yankees. It will be a good week it Seattle makes it to Saturday with a 3-2 record.

The Mariners ended April by winning five of their last six games which allowed them to climb from the basement to the floor just below the penthouse. They need to find a roller coaster to make as their official team mascot as they have experienced the ups and downs of going from first place to last and now back to second in a matter of weeks.

Now the Mariners sit just two games behind the first place LA Angels thanks in part to Jose Vidro’s .318 batting average and Adrian Beltre’s 15 RBI’s. With Felix Hernandez on the 15 day DL (as of April 19th) Jarrod Washburn has taken over as the Ace of the pitching staff with his 2.96 ERA and 13 strikeouts.