Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cheap Shot Bob

I fully admit that I have enjoyed watching the tension build in the Phoenix Suns/San Antonio Spurs playoff series but after Monday night’s game four fiasco I’m growing a little tired of it.

Here’s why. The wanna be thugs known as the Spurs are in fact really just a bunch of whiners who throw fits when pushed back. San Antonio has done everything they know to do to try to intimidate, and physically abuse, Phoenix in this series. They’ve pushed, kicked, punched, kneed and on body checked in order to bully their way into the Western Conference Finals. What’s next - ear biting?

Yes, San Antonio you do have the dirtiest players in the NBA and on Monday night they showed their true colors. Frustrated from watching his team pulling one of the biggest choke jobs of this year’s play-offs Robert Horry laid out Steve Nash in flagrant and intentional fashion making it one of the most obvious cheap shots of the entire NBA season by body checking him out of bounds and into the scorer’s table.

So where I was once hoping that this series would go seven games I am now hoping that it ends in six with a Phoenix win. I’m tired of watching Manu Ginobili flop around the court like a fish out of water and then crying his eyes out when he gets whistled for a foul or heaven forbid a ref sees a flop for what it is, a flop. I’m tired of seeing Bruce Bowen and Robert Horry try to thug their way around the basketball court only to whine like a mamma’s boy when they are fouled or whistled. Basically I’m tired of watching the San Antonio Spurs!