Tuesday, May 01, 2007


When the Carolina Panthers selected USC receiver Dwayne Jarrett in the second round of the NFL draft on Saturday Keyshawn Johnson was excited to not only have a fellow USC receiver but also have one that was, “just like him" in size and hands.

During and interview with Jarrett on ESPN’s coverage of the draft Johnson told him that he would watch out for him and show him the ropes obviously thinking that he would be around to do so. Unfortunately for Keyshawn the Panthers weren’t thinking the same thing. In fact they were thinking that since Jarrett was so much like Johnson and a lot younger that they decided to cut the former top pick in the draft in spite of paying him a $3 million dollar roster bonus just a month ago.

This is actually a great personnel move by the Panthers who are unloading some salary in Johnson but also keeping him away from their rookie who they don’t want to see tainted by Johnson’s “me first” attitude.

The New England Patriots seem to be in the market for cancerous wide receivers. Maybe they can pick up Johnson to line up on the other side of the field from Randy Moss.

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