Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spurs Flopping to Finals But Is Anyone Watching?

As each playoff game goes by it becomes more and more obvious that the San Antonio Spurs are the best team in the NBA. Up 3-1 they are clearly in control of their series with the Utah Jazz and could wrap it up as early as Wednesday night.

Here’s the problem. They aren’t any fun to watch! Even if this series were to somehow go seven games I won’t watch anymore of it. I’ll check in on scores but I am done watching the Spurs from tip to finish in this series. I’ve already stated my thoughts and opinions on the “Ginobili flops” and they haven’t changed at all. Unless you are wearing silver and black boxers no one wants to see Manu Ginobili flop his way to the free throw line 15 times.

I’m not alone either and the TV rankings will prove it. I predict that we’ll find out that this Spurs/Jazz series is one of the lowest viewed series of the entire play-offs. You can also look for that trend to continue in the finals as well. Nobody wants to watch flopball! However it won’t make those rings any less shiny for the Spurs.