Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sports Collectors Speak Up

Do you remember your first autographed baseball? Mine was at All-Sports Stadium, a triple A ballpark, in Oklahoma City and the player was some scrub on the Texas Rangers farm club. All Sports Stadium is long gone and I have no idea where that baseball is but I remember that night I became a sports collector.

Over the years I have amassed a collection of sports memorabilia that includes autographs and authentic photos of Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Hank Stram and much more from the world of the NFL.

Yes, most of my collection is football, college and pro, but I do have a few gems from the diamond. My favorite is a Nolan Ryan autographed baseball. He was one of the first dominating pitchers I can remember.

So if you have an autographed baseball or two let us know about it. What kind of memorabilia do you have? Tell us what is in your collection and what you are most proud of.