Monday, October 24, 2005

NFL Round-Up, Week 7

Big Game
Steelers 27/Bengals 13
The Bengals have played two games against teams with a winning record and are now 0-2, their latest defeat coming Sunday to the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger threw two touchdown passes and the Steelers ran the ball and played stingy defense on their way to a 27-13 victory.
Good news for the Bengals, they still have Baltimore and Cleveland on the schedule.

Big Upset
Raiders 38/Bills 17
This is a game that I called last week in the round-up, but the Raiders man handled the Bills more than even I thought they would. The Raiders hero was Lamont Jordan who ran for 122 yards and a career high three touchdowns.

Worst Game
Cardinals 20/Titans 10
Arizona turned three Tennessee turnovers into 17 points to help overcome an early 10-0 deficit.

Miami Dolphins
Alas the Dolphins of last year have returned. A season opening win against Denver was nothing more than false hope for Miami fans who believed this would be a turn around season for the Dolphins.

In a must win game against the Chiefs on Friday night, the Dolphins seemed to have no sense of urgency. Sure, a hurricane was coming, but we are talking about trying to get to .500 and staying in the division race.

The Chiefs totaled a season-high 462 yards while controlling the ball for nearly 42 minutes. The Chiefs dominated this game in every way and with the Dolphins having the injuries they do on defense it may not get better for a while.

The good news is that the Saints are next and they have found a way to get hosed two weeks in a row. Maybe their streak will continue to three.

Conference Rankings
NFC East 16-9
NFC South 16-10
AFC West 14-12
AFC North 13-12
AFC South 13-13
NFC West 11-15
AFC East 10-16
NFC North 9-15

Looking Ahead to Week 8

Big Game

Washington Redskins @ N.Y. Giants
The NFC East is deadlocked with all four teams having four wins. Only the Cowboys have three losses, so New York, Philly and Washington are in first place and the Cowboys are in second. In this tight race a division loss will drop you a long way. Eli Manning is coming of age and has proven that he is not riding on his brother’s coat tails. I like the Giants and the home field advantage.
Prediction: Giants 21/Redskins 13

Possible Upset
Cleveland @ Houston
The two longest streaks in the NFL right now are the Colts seven game winning streak and the Texans six game losing streak. What’s the remedy for Houston’s woes? The Cleveland Browns.
Prediction: Texans 13/Browns 7