Tuesday, October 11, 2005

MLB Championship Series Previews

American League
White Sox vs. Angels
The Angels may be road weary, but they are glad to be where they are. The White Sox are rested and ready to play and they have the home field advantage. The White Sox have found their bats suddenly as well. In three games against Boston Chicago hit 7 homeruns and batted .289.

The Angels play better defense and have the better bullpen, ask the Braves how important that is. Without Bartolo Colon in the rotation you have to give the starting pitching edge to the White Sox.

The key in this series will be the experience of Angels Manager Mike Scioscia, his 2002 title run experience will be huge.

I think this series could go seven games and I’m picking the Angels.

National League
Astros vs. Cardinals
The Astros are the comeback kids this season and now face their biggest test in the Cardinals. Against Atlanta Houston had an eye popping .667 batting average. The Cardinals have been the best team in baseball all season and snoozed past the Padres in the first round.

I think both teams are a wash on defense and starting pitching should go to the Cardinals but not by much. Lidge gives the Astros the best bullpen but the managing edge goes to the Cardinals with La Russa.

Everything in me says to pick the Cardinals, but I just have a feeling that the Astros are not finished yet. This team has amazing chemistry and very well could be this year’s version of the Boston Red Sox.

I’m taking Houston on a hunch.