Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blog Poll Roundtable

Let’s try this again. How would you answer the following questions from this week’s roundtable?

1. Assuming that USC, Texas, Alabama and Virginia Tech all go undefeated at the end of the season, who deserves to play in the Rose Bowl for the BCS Title?

USC should be included because they are the defending champs and should have to have someone knock them off for them to not be there. That leaves Texas, Alabama and Virginia Tech. The Hokies will have the strongest strength of schedule and would have won the toughest conference in America. That would put Texas and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and I think the Longhorns would win big.

2. With most of the teams in conference play, which games have the greatest implication in defining the broader BCS picture (at larges, etc.) this year?

OU/Texas is huge from the standpoint that the Sooners have won five years in a row and Texas is entering uncharted territory being the highest ranked team in this series. Can they handle the pressure?
USC/Cal. the Bears may be the last chance for the Trojans to have a blemish on their schedule.
Va. Tech/Miami the Hokies get Miami in Blacksburg and should be able to come away with a victory.
ACC, Big 12 and SEC Championship games, Va. Tech, Texas and Alabama could all have unblemished records on the line in these games. I don’t understand why the PAC 10 doesn’t have a conference championship game? It cost USC a BCS title in 2003.

3. Which team has the best chance to not even appear in a BCS Bowl?

Alabama – I like what Shula has done and I think the Tide is on the way back, but experience and injuries will catch up with them before the season ends.