Thursday, October 20, 2005

Buster's Best

I finally had a good week last week with my picks, but I still have a long way to go to catch up with Buster.

Last Week’s Games

Game One New York Giants @ Dallas – Buster picked his Cowboys to win and I said they would not cover the 3.5 points they were favored by. Buster 1-0/Dad 1-0

Game Two Miami @ Tampa Bay – Buster picked the Dolphins to win and I said that Tampa would cover the 4.5 points they were giving to Miami. Buster 1-1/Dad 2-0

Game Three Oklahoma @ Kansas – Buster picked the Sooners to win and I picked them to cover the 6 points they were giving to the Jayhawks. Buster 2-1/Dad 3-0

Game Four Michigan State @ Ohio State – Buster picked Ohio State and I took them to cover the 6.5 points they were favored by. Buster 3-1/Dad 4-0

Game Five Florida @ LSU – Buster picked LSU and I took the Gators to cover the 6 points they were getting. Buster 4-1/Dad 5-0

For the Season - Buster 23-12/Dad 16-19

This Week’s Games

Game One Kansas City @ Miami – This game has been moved to Friday night because of hurricane Wilma. I’m trying to decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing for my Dolphins who desperately need to win to keep from going two games below .500. Buster likes the Dolphins who are a 2 point favorite. So, can the Dolphins beat the Chiefs? I say yes because it’s a home game. I’m picking Miami to cover.

Game Two Dallas @ Seattle – The Cowboys have been very up and down this season. Buster likes them to beat the Seahawks and I like them to lose on the road. Seattle is favored by 3 and I say they cover.

Game Three Baylor @ Oklahoma – The Bears are bringing their best squad in years to Norman and the Sooners are playing with their worst squad in years. Buster is picking the Sooners to win and I think they will, but a 14 point spread is a lot of points. I think with some help from the defense the Sooners will cover.

Game Four - Oregon State @ UCLA – The Beavers are coming off of a great game and the Bruins are coming off of a bad game. This sets up to be a trap for Oregon State. Buster likes UCLA and I like them to cover the 9.5 points they are favored by.

Game Five USC @ Washington – Buster likes the Trojans who are 30 point favorites on the road. I know that Washington is not a good team, but I think they will cover that spread.

Flag Football Update – Buster did play in his games on Saturday and ran for four touchdowns and threw for a PAT to help his team win the first game 25-0 and tie the second game 12-12.