Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Buster's Best

Last Week’s Games

Game One Philadelphia @ Dallas – Buster picked the Eagles and I took the three points they were favored by, looks like we walked into the ambush with the Eagles.
Buster 0-1/Dad 0-1

Game Two Miami @ Buffalo – Buster picked the Dolphins, they were a three point underdog and I picked them to win as will. Eighteen penalties and five turnovers later we are both 0-2.
Buster 0-2/Dad 0-2

Game Three OU/Texas – At least Buster had enough smarts to go with the Longhorns here. I was dumb enough to think OU could stay within 14 points.
Buster 1-2/Dad 0-3

Game Four Kansas @ Kansas State – Buster picked Kansas to win and I took them to cover the 6.5 points they were getting from Kansas State, three points, that’s all they score, three points. Could I go 0-5?
Buster 2-2/Dad 0-4

Game Five - LSU @ Vanderbilt – Vandy, what was I thinking? They lost to Middle Tennessee State the week before, and I still picked them to cover the 14.5 points they were getting from LSU. Buster picked the Tigers and is right now laughing at me.
Buster 3-2/Dad 0-5

For the Season
Buster 19-11/Dad 11-19

This Week’s Games

Game One New York Giants @ Dallas – Buster is back on the Cowboys band wagon after their thrashing of Philadelphia last week. I’m not so sure, there is a definite riff going on between Keyshawn and Bledsoe and you have to consider the big game letdown. The Cowboys are favored by 3.5, which means they have to win by 4. I say they won’t cover.

Game Two Miami @ Tampa Bay – Buster has more faith in my Dolphins than I do, he is picking them to win. They are a 4.5 dog and I say that they do not cover.

Game Three Oklahoma @ Kansas – This game will be played in Kansas City and I bet that the Jayhawks would love to have their home game back. Hmmmm which OU and which Kansas team are we going to see this weekend? Buster is staying true to his Sooners. If OU loses this game then you can kiss bowl hopes goodbye and go ahead and purchase your basketball tickets early. That’s why I like them and cover the 6 points they are favored by.

Game Four Michigan State @ Ohio State – Buster is picking the Buckeyes and I think I will too. Ohio State is giving 6.5 to the Spartans and I say they cover.

Game Five Florida @ LSU – Buster is picking the Tigers who are a 6 point favorite. I think there are some serious defensive issues for the Tigers and that is why I’m picking the Gators to cover.

Flag Football Update – Buster’s team did not play last weekend and he is off his crutches and moving around pretty good. He is listed as questionable for Saturday’s games.