Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Buster's Best

Buster has another winning week and I had my first push of the season that kept me from having a winning week or a losing week depending on how you look at it.

Last Week’s Games

Game One Kansas City @ Miami – Don’t blame this Miami loss on the hurricane, the Dolphins are just a bad team. Buster picked Miami to win and I had them to cover the 2 points they were favored by.
Buster 0-1/Dad 0-1

Game Two Dallas @ Seattle – Buster went with his Cowboys yet again and was again disappointed. I took the Seahawks and the three points and earned my first push of the year.
Buster 0-2/Dad 0-1-1

Game Three Baylor @ Oklahoma – OU was up by 8 late in the game and had the ball driving deep into Baylor territory. I’m thinking the cover the 14, which I picked them to do, next thing I know it’s in overtime and I’m just hoping for a Sooner victory. Buster picked the Sooners to win.
Buster 1-2/Dad 0-2-1

Game Four - Oregon State @ UCLA – Buster picked the Bruins to win and I picked them to cover the 9.5 points they were giving to the Beavers.
Buster 2-2/Dad 1-2-1

Game Five USC @ Washington – Buster picked USC to win and I took Washington and the 30 points they were getting from the Trojans.
Buster 3-2/Dad 2-2-1

For the Season: Buster 26-14/Dad 18-21-1

This Week’s Games

Game One

Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys can’t keep finding ways to give the game away. Buster likes the Cowboys to win and so do I but I’ll take Arizona and the 8.5 they are getting.

Game Two
Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints
Buster likes the Saints who seem to have been hosed for two weeks in a row now. The Dolphins have a lot of injury problems on defense but something tells me that they are the pick. I’ll take Miami and the 2 points they are getting.

Game Three
OU @ Nebraska
This is simply a pride pick for both of us. I want to go on record saying that I think that Nebraska is the better team and they should win. Buster is taking the Sooners and I’ll take the 1.5 points they are getting.

Game Four
UCLA @ Stanford
Buster likes the Bruins to win and I’ll take them to cover the 7.5 points they are giving to Stanford.

Game Five
Washington State @ USCBuster likes the Trojans to win and I’ll take WSU and the 29.5 points they are getting.

Flag Football Update
Buster’s team was off this past weekend and they have two games left before the season ends. They have already locked up first place.