Tuesday, October 25, 2005

NBA Eastern Conference Preview


Detroit Pistons
Outlook: The Pistons are still one of the best defensive teams in the NBA and with new head coach Flip Saunders their offensive game should continue to rise. Look for the Pistons to face off against the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Indiana Pacers
Outlook: The Pacers are very good defensively and will be focused to erase the memories of what went wrong last season with the suspensions. They are a well-coached team should challenge Detroit for the division

Cleveland Cavaliers
Outlook: This could be the year LeBron James wins the league MVP. With the additional support on Larry Hughes the Cavs should be a play-off contender.

Chicago Bulls
Outlook: Can the Bulls make it to the play-offs two years in a row. I think it all depends on Tyson Chandler and what coach Scott Skiles will be able to get effort wise out of is still young team.

Milwaukee Bucks
Outlook: Andrew Bogut, the first pick in the draft and a healthy T.J. Ford automatically upgrade the Bucks roster from last season.


New Jersey Nets
Outlook: Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson make New Jersey the most explosive team in the Atlantic Division. Their ability to stay healthy will determine how far they go into the play-offs.

Philadelphia 76ers
Outlook: The 76ers are talented but team chemistry could be a huge question mark for this team. I can’t see Allen Iverson and Chris Webber getting along all season. There will be some turmoil on this team. The question is; how well will they overcome it? Oh yeah, and can Chris Webber play defense?

New York Knicks
Outlook: Larry Brown begins yet another reclamation project. What’s the over/under on his time in New York, three years? No doubt the Nicks will play better defense, but can Eddy Curry and Stephon Marbury carry the offense every night?

Boston Celtics
Outlook: The Celtics are going to miss Antoine Walker. Without him I think this becomes a one man show with Paul Pierce. Tony Allen could be the second best scorer on the team now and rookie Gerald Green will develop into a solid player, just not in time to help the Celtics this season.

Toronto Raptors
Outlook: This is a bad team in a bad NBA city. It will be a long season for the Raptors. Their lone bright spot will be Chris Bosh.


Miami Heat
Outlook: I think the addition of Antoine Walker will turn out to be one of the best stories of this season. Shaq will still dominate inside, regardless of who he is playing and Wade continues to improve each season. I think he will be the most exciting player in the NBA this season and will steal the MVP trophy. The Heat are the best team in the Eastern Conference and will go all the way to the NBA Finals this year.

Washington Wizards
Outlook: Kwame Brown, Larry Hughes and Gilbert Arenas are all gone from last year’s play-off team. Antawn Jamison will become the scoring leader but he will have to get help from someone. The best option will be from Caron Butler

Orlando Magic
Outlook: Dwight Howard and Steve Francis will be a good one two punch for this team and any help they could get from Grant Hill would be better than… well… anything they have gotten from him in the past.

Atlanta Hawks
Outlook: This is still a very young team that needs an inside game and time to grow. Atlanta will be better on offense but will still lose games because of a lack of a defensive presence.

Charlotte Bobcats
Outlook: The Bobcats just don’t have it. Emeka Okafor could be a defensive star but he could also be injured most of the season. Looks like Charlotte will join Toronto back at the lottery again this season.

Eastern Conference Final Standings
1. Miami
2. Detroit
3. New Jersey
4. Indiana
5. Cleveland
6. Philadelphia
7. Chicago
8. Washington
9. Milwaukee
10. New York
11. Boston
12. Orlando
13. Toronto
14. Atlanta
15. Charlotte