Friday, March 31, 2006

My Opinion on the Final Four

Its game day in Indianapolis and two teams will have their dream season come to a screeching halt. Just which two teams? Well I glad you asked because I was about to tell you.

Cinderella gets the night started when the George Mason Patriots take on the Florida Gators. I’m trying to find a good reason to pick against George Mason but I just can’t. The Patriots have destroyed my bracket winning game after game that they shouldn’t have. Remember according to two guys from CBS, who will remain nameless, this team shouldn’t even be in the tournament. After beating UConn last weekend who’s to say that they can’t win the whole thing? The biggest problem for George Mason may not be the Florida Gators but the press clippings they are reading and the pressure of being the first #11 seed in 26 years to be at the Final Four. I do think it will be a close game.

The late game features UCLA against Glen “Big Baby” Davis, err… I mean LSU. While the Bruins have a defense that the school’s football team could learn a thing or two from their in ability to produce on offense will cost them this game and an ugly game it will be. Both UCLA and LSU are great on defense but the Bruins will get muscled around on the inside and their defense won’t be able to make up for sloppy play on offense. I’m picking the LSU Tigers to advance to Monday night’s championship game to play Florida.

Those are my thoughts, feel free to leave yours. Enjoy the games!