Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring Review/Round Table

Spring football practice has started across the country and My Opinion on Sports is going to review all 12 schools from the Big 12 Conference. Before we start with that Schembechler Hall has posted a round table amongst the members of the blog poll about their respective football teams.

Here are my responses;
1) Its early, but thus far, which off-season change or changes in college football are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about new offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson. I was a Chuck Long supporter but wasn’t sad to see him leave to San Diego State. Wilson was the coordinator for the Sooners win over Oregon in the Holiday Bowl and we saw some very good new wrinkles with just a few weeks to prepare.

Having the entire off-season and spring and summer camps to install the new offense I can’t wait to see what the Sooners unveil this fall. When Wilson was offensive coordinator at Northwestern his offense was crazy good against Big 10 competition.
Look for more play action and qb roll outs from the Sooners this fall. Opposing defenses will again focus on shutting down Adrian Peterson and Wilson has the game plan that will punish teams for that.

2) With spring practice underway, what are the three concerns about your team that are causing you the most anxiety? (USC fans can't just list the departures of Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, and LenDale White.)

1. Offensive line. There is no question that the offensive line cost Oklahoma the season opener against TCU last year. The line was the Achilles for most of the season and finally gelled late but now the Sooners are back to square one because of graduation.

2. Defensive secondary. I am pretty confident in the ability of the defensive line and linebackers to frustrate and confuse quarterbacks as well as play strong against the run. What I am not confident in yet is the ability of the OU secondary to maintain their coverage on opposing receivers.

3. Rhett Bomar. He is a year older and has a bowl season of experience under his belt but I still see maturity as a possible issue. A recent citation for under age drinking in a very public place only fuels that doubt for me. Bomar has until August to get his head on straight because for the Sooners to be Big 12 contenders they will need him to become the leader and take care of the football. I am confident that he can do both but the question is, will he?

The addition of Josh Heupel as the quarterback coach will be huge to Bomar’s progress. You won’t find a better class act than Heupel and he understands what it takes to be a champion and what it is like to be a Sooner.

3) Care to take a stab at a preseason top five?

This is all speculation and is subject to change, several times, before August but here we go.
1. LSU
2. Ohio State
3. West Virginia
4. Auburn
5. Texas