Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Top 10 Super Bowl Coaches

Sports Illustrated has put together their Top 10 Super Bowl coaches of all time. There are a few surprises to me. I think Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells and Hank Stram could be higher but I’m not for sure who they would replace near the top. Does Joe Gibbs deserve to be 3#?

I know he beat Shula but I would still place Don Shula a #9 instead of Weeb Ewbank.

I’ve got no beef with Chuck Noll being #1.

Top 10 Super Bowl Coaches
10. Mike Shanahan
9. Weeb Ewbank
8. Bill Parcells
7. Hank Stram
6. Bill Walsh
5. Vince Lombardi
4. Jimmy Johnson
3. Joe Gibbs
2. Bill Bilichick

1. Chuck Noll