Thursday, January 26, 2006

Buster's Best

Buster and I went 1-1 on our picks this week. I won the AFC game and he won the NFC game. It’s all for pride at this point anyway. We have one game left that we will pick next week.

Last Week’s Games

AFC Championship

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos
Buster picked the Broncos to win and I had the Steelers to cover the 3 points they were getting from Denver. Buster 0-1/Dad 1-0

NFC Championship
Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks
Buster wisely picked Seattle to win and as for par on the season I actually thought the Panthers would cover the 4 points they were getting from the Seahawks. Buster 1-1/Dad 1-1

For the season: Buster 68-32/Dad 47-51-2

Super Bowl Coverage
The My Opinion on Sports Super Bowl preview will begin Wednesday with a head-to-head Super Bowl Q&A between a Steelers blog and a Seahawks Blog.

Thursday will be the Super Bowl edition of Buster’s Best and Friday will be my game break down and score prediction.

Basketball Update
Buster found the basket Saturday! He scored 4 points, grabbed 3 rebounds, and had 4 steals and 3 assists in his YMCA league game. His team won 13-11 and remains undefeated.

In his school league, Buster scored 6 points and had 7 rebounds and a steal in his teams 13-6 win.

Way to go Buster!

You can read about Buster’s world and see his view on sports at Buster’s Best.