Thursday, January 05, 2006

College Football Round-Up, Bowl Edition

My Opinion on the BCS
The BCS games were incredible this year. Three of the four came down to the wire, Fiesta Bowl was the exception, and they all provided great games capped by the Rose Bowl Wednesday night.

West Virginia comes away as the BCS Cinderella by beating Georgia 38-35 in the Sugar Bowl. The Mountaineers jumped out to a 28-0 lead and then hung on as the Bulldogs outscored them 35-10 from that point.

Over-rated BCS team goes to the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. The Irish had an outstanding season, going 9-3, but failed to bring home a quality victory.

Most entertaining game goes to the Geriatric Bowl… err… I mean Orange Bowl. Officially the longest game in BCS history as Penn State and Florida State fought hard to see who had the worst place kicker.

Gutsy call goes to West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez for the Mountaineers fake punt to seal the game against the Bulldogs. If you are going to try to ice the game late in the fourth quarter this is the way to do it. Are you taking notes Pete Carroll? It was the right call at the right time. How could Georgia not be expecting it?

Dumbest thing ever in a BCS game goes to Reggie Bush. A lateral to a receiver, who isn’t even looking for it, at the end of a 36 yard play that puts you inside your opponents 20 is just plain stupid.

Clutch player and the clutch play. Vince Young, 4th and 5, 26 seconds left in the game and down by five. Do I need to say more? Congratulations Longhorns!

Make sure to cast your vote for the most entertaining BSC game in this week’s opinion poll.

Is the Big 10 Over-rated?
The Big 10 went 2-3 during the bowl season. The conferences two wins were in BCS games but against the two weakest BCS opponents.

Upon Further Review
Here is a newsflash. Instant replay has been bad all season, not just during the bowl games. Look for some big changes in the system next season.

Two-a-Days Are Just Eight Months Away
Here is my 2006 pre-season top 10
1. Texas – The Longhorns will be #1 until someone knocks them off or unless Vince Young Leaves.
2. Ohio State – How big is that game going to be in Austin?
3. LSU – The Tigers will be an SEC force next season.
4. USC – Trojans will suffer a set-back but will still be pretty good.
5. West Virginia – This young team will be making noise for a while.
6. Notre Dame – Led by Heisman contender Brady Quinn the Irish start season two under guru Charlie Weis.
7. Oklahoma – I hope teams enjoyed kicking them while they were down. Young Sooners will return to contention in 06.
8. Florida – Chris Leak’s senior campaign will be special.
9. California – With the turnover at USC the Bears could have the most potent offense in the Pac 10.
10.Auburn – It will be the tale of the two Tigers in the SEC West.