Sunday, November 19, 2006

Of Course We're Talking Football

Now It’s the NFL’s Turn

With over 600 page views in the forum yesterday we had you covered on the college football thoughts and opinions. Now its time for the NFL! Well have the game of the week covered with San Diego at Denver. We’ll also have our own favorites covered with Minnesota at Miami and Indianapolis at Dallas. Then we’ll have the game threads you start! Come on in and share your opinion on the games you are watching!

It's Saturday so you know we have your football games covered! We're talking national ganes like Ohio State/Michigan and our favorite local games as well like Oklahoma/Baylor and Oklahoma State/Texas Tech.

What? We don't have your game covered? Start a game thread of the game you are watching and we'll talk about it as well.

Yesterday's College Game Threads in the Forum
South Carolina/MTSU
Florida/Western Carolina