Tuesday, November 21, 2006

BlogPoll Ballot 13

The Ohio State/Michigan game had some barring on a few other teams in my top five, particularly Florida and Notre Dame. I had decided that if it was a three point game or closer then I would only drop the loser to #3 leaving the door open for Notre Dame or Florida. The only way that Notre Dame was going to move to number two on my ballot was for Michigan to win.

1Ohio State--
2Florida 2
3Michigan 1
4Notre Dame 1
5West Virginia--
6Southern Cal 1
7Boise State 1
8Arkansas 3
9Wisconsin 1
10Louisville 2
11Oklahoma 2
12Texas 2
13LSU 7
14Virginia Tech 1
15Auburn 1
16Georgia Tech 1
17Rutgers 8
18Nebraska 3
19Boston College 3
20Wake Forest 2
21Brigham Young 3
22Clemson 1
23Maryland 4
24Tennessee 1
25California 5

Dropped Out:

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