Friday, November 03, 2006

Cowboys – Longhorns Will Feature Limited Commercials

Typically I wait until I see the official marking the commercial time out come on the field before I sit down at a football game and I wait until he leaves the field before I stand back up. It provides me a few minutes to check scores on my free Sprint phone and sometimes a quick beverage dash.

Oklahoma State Cowboys and Texas Longhorn fans won’t have that opportunity tomorrow night because their game is being broadcast mostly commercial free thanks to Phillips Electronics.

Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail I received from Phillips explaining their marketing strategy.

Hi, Dolphin Fan. I'm writing on behalf of Philips Electronics because we wanted to let you know that, as part of Philips' "Sense and Simplicity" business philosophy, they are sponsoring coverage of the Cowboys-Longhorns game on TBS this Saturday, 11/4/06, 7:00 E.T. During that broadcast of the game, commercials will be held to a minimum, with only small and local advertising. Instead of long commercial breaks, there will be more continuous football action, game commentary and special features such as player interviews and highlight footage.

It’s a great marketing strategy by Phillips and will no doubt keep fans glued to the television more intently. However, that Dr. Pepper you’ve got to have in the third quarter is going to cost you some game time.

Burnt Orange Nation (a blog that actually cares about this game) has more in-depth coverage of this.