Friday, February 03, 2006

Turn Your Super Bowl Pick into $100.00 is a site that I have been involved with for a couple of months now. It is an interactive site that allows fans to create and join forums about their favorite sports topics or teams, write your own sports blog, do video chat and much more.

They are hosting a free contest for the Super Bowl and it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is give your Super Bowl prediction and if you are right then you win a hundred bucks! You do have to be a member but registration is quick, free, and easy.

Here are the official rules.

1- Reply in this thread with your prediction
2- One prediction per user (1st one you post counts)
3- You must be 18 years of age and living in the United States.
4- Predictions must be posted by 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Predictions posted after 5:00pm will not be accepted.
5- To win you must predict the exact score for each team.
6- Tie-breaker: Should there be a need for a tie-breaker, the fan that guesses the closest to the total combined offensive yards gained by both the Steelers and the Seahawks will be declared the winner.
7- Winner will be notified through their EveryTeam account and will be asked to provide their mailing address to receive prize money. Winner has until March 5, 2006 to claim the prize.

Don’t leave your prediction here. Post it at Here is how you get to the contest:

• Create an account with (quick,free,easy)
• Click on the Interact tab
• Click on the The EveryTeam $100 Super Bowl Prediction Contest
• Make your prediction
• Win $100.00!

You can also win a 42" Plasma TV for creating a new account. Good luck!