Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Sporting News Knows!

I have been touting the crowd here in OKC in regards to New Orleans/OKC Hornets basketball and now it looks like the Sporting News is on to the NBA’s surprise as well. Here is an excerpt from TSN’s article on the Hornets.

Paul and West have made the biggest difference for the Hornets, but the team's home-court advantage in Oklahoma City also has the league buzzing. In New Orleans, the Hornets finished last in attendance last season, which was just their third in the Big Easy. In Oklahoma City, they sold 10,000 season tickets in no time. The fans not only have turned out, they have shown up with a zeal that makes the atmosphere at Ford Center feel like a jam-packed college gym.

"This team fighting for the playoffs in this place? It's going to be bonkers," a Western Conference scout says. "That's what everyone is saying across the NBA. They think Oklahoma City is nuts. The fans are great."