Thursday, February 02, 2006

Buster’s Best, Super Bowl Preview Part II

First of all I would like to thank Steelers linebacker Joey Porter for dumbing down the game. It’s one thing to have confidence in your team and predict a win. It’s another thing to show your stupidity in regards to your comments to an opposing player.

Just in case you have been living under a rock this week Joey Porter is mad at Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens. Stevens made a comment that is was to bad that Steelers running back Jerome Bettis was going to have to retire without winning a super bowl because winning one is his home town of Detroit would be a fairytale ending to a great career.

Okay for the Joey Porter’s of the world let’s slow down and break down Stevens’ comments to see what he actually said.

In my opinion Stevens showed confidence in his team and then complemented the career of Jerome Bettis by saying that he had a great career and it was too bad he would end without a Super Bowl title.

In reply Porter, who obviously feels as if the world owes it to him to caudle and say only positive things about his team, felt it was necessary to make this a personal attack on him.

"Now I'm looking for him on game day, now I'm looking for Stevens," Porter said. "He has to line up in front of me, and that information you gave me just got me started so I'll be out there looking for him at the 50-yard line. That information will go a long way because Stevens can't hide from me. He has to line up in front of me and I'll remind him of [what he said] every time I put him on his back.
"I was focused on football until right now, when you told me what [Stevens] said. I don't blame him for thinking they came down here to win, but he said what he said and I'll be ready for him. I can never get an offensive player to say stuff like that no more, I'm always battling defensive guys. It is great that the tight end said it because I don't [ever] get to go against a tight end like that."
Porter didn't stop there. He was just getting warmed up.

"He should know his role," Porter said. "He hasn't done anything that makes anybody fear him, while Jerome is a Hall of Famer and everybody knows about him. Meanwhile, this guy is almost a first-round bust who barely made some plays this year. He has the nerve to say what Jerome is not going to do when he isn't going to be the deciding factor whether that happens or not. I'm going to make sure he don't have anything to do with the outcome of the game.

"I would think someone would say something, but I wouldn't think it would be him -- he's too soft to say something like that. He'll have the opportunity to back up his words, but I'm going to have an opportunity to back up my words.

"You ever see the movie "Underworld"? I was sleeping all week, but I got my first taste of blood right here, and it is great when you haven't tasted it in a while. This week was boring until now. He definitely is one who hasn't earned the right to say what's on his mind. There is no way he can hide from me. I needed to hear that, I needed something to get me going."

Despite averaging 12.3 yards per catch and 5 td’s on the season Porter described Stevens as a special teams player.

Joey, how excited are your teammates that it took a comment from an opposing player to get you fired up to play in the Super Bowl? Thanks for letting the entire world know that you are the official spokesperson for Jerome Bettis and thank you for showing us your lack of intelligence. Remember in Jr. High when you couldn’t contribute anything constructive to a conversation so your defaulted to making personal insults to those who knew what they were talking about.? That is the best description of Joey Porter that I can think of.

One more question. If the Steelers win is Joey Porter going to run over to Jerramy Stevens point his finger and say, “In your face punk”?

I was looking for a reason to cheer for or against one of these teams in the Super Bowl and now I have one. I would love to see Porter’s reaction if Stevens catches a touchdown pass.

Now on to Buster! He beat me this season in our football picks going Buster 68-32 picking games straight up. I went 47-51-2 going against the spread. Next season Buster will be going against the spread as well.

Super Bowl
The Seahawks are the #1 seed in the NFC and a 4 point underdog to the Steelers, the #6 seed in the AFC. If I remember correctly the last time an NFC #1 played an AFC #6 in the Super Bowl was 1985. In that game the Chicago Bears dominated the New England Patriots from start to finish. That game began the NFC’s reign of terror over the AFC that lasted until the Denver Broncos won the World Championship in 1998.
You could say that the AFC has dominated the NFC since then but really it’s the New England Patriots who have dominated the NFC.

In the last ten years only 3 AFC teams have won the Super Bowl. The Patriots won 3, the Broncos 2, and the Ravens 1. Using that logic, Buster is picking the Seahawks to win.

I’m going to take the Steelers to cover the 4 points they are favored by, which means I’m picking them to win. Despite my recent disgust with Joey Porter the fact remains that they are the hottest team the NFL. I’m looking for them to continue their winning streak.

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