Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hook'em Up at the IHOP

Imagine stepping out of college and into a multibillion dollar per year industry where you will be taking home millions yourself. That is what Texas safety Michael Huff and dozens of other first round draft picks are looking at in just a little more than a month from now.

Of course these guys do work for the money they are earning. Not only does playing division I football require an athlete to be in top shape it also requires them to maintain their physical ability and improve on it during the off-season. Then when then their college career is over the have to step it up a notch to prepare for the NFL draft combine.

Huff has been working out at Athletes' Performance in Phoenix, AZ. Here is an excerpt from his weekly draft diary on his workouts.

"After several weeks of working out in Arizona in preparation for the draft, my strength and conditioning regimen doesn't seem to be changing much. I've been working really hard, though. The trainers here at Athletes' Performance in Phoenix have been focusing on my strength and fast-twitch muscles.

This week I did get the chance to work on some hydraulic air weights. They were like nothing I had ever seen, like something out of this world. They basically look like a normal bench press, but without the plates on each side. I do know they give the exact same burn as the normal bench."

Of course at this point it’s all about improving your draft position and increasing your income. There is no doubt Huff will be raking in the dough after he is selected in the first round on April 29.

So what does Huff plan to invest his money in? Instead of being all about the Benjamin’s it’s all about the pancakes.

"Since the draft is quickly approaching, I've been thinking about what I'll buy with my first professional paycheck. A lot of people are probably expecting me to say that I'd buy a big house, and that's partly true. But it's not what you think. The first house I buy will be the one with the blue roof on it that says "IHOP." It has been a dream of mine to own my own International House of Pancakes, and someday I will. Just last week I ate there five or six times, and about every time I got the same thing, pancakes and shrimp. It's a cool feeling to know that someday I'll get to eat at my IHOP whenever I want."
You can read Huff's full draft diary at