Saturday, February 18, 2006

Andi's Take on the Daytona 500

My Opinion on Sports reader, Andi, has volunteered her takes on the upcoming NASCAR season and will give us weekly updates on who she thinks will win that week’s race as well as how she is doing in her fantasy league.

Here are Andi’s thoughts on the Daytona 500 tomorrow:

I love NASCAR!! And, the Great American Race is this weekend... DAYTONA 500!! and just this past October on our trip to FLorida, I spent the day at the track!! Daytona 500 is the "superbowl" of NASCAR except that it is the first race and not the last. Then there are road races (boring) about 4 times. The season runs from February to November, so with that said... "Gentlemen.... START YOUR ENGINES"...

I get two primary picks and three back up picks. Obviously I get more points for my primary picks and I get bonus points based on where the primaries qualify. For the 500 I have #20 (Stewart) and #88 (Jarrett) picked as primary because they are my favorites and I thought I should start off with them. My back up drivers are #17 (Kenseth), #8 (Junior) and #24 (Gordon). Yes, I think Jeffy Lube is a cry baby, but the dude can race on tracks like this one and this is about points!!

My overall pick to win the NEXTEL CUP CHAMPIONSHIP is #20 Tony Stewart. If he wins it, I get 100 bonus points at the end of the season.

I’ve decided that my driver this year will be Jamie McMurray driver of the #26 Crown Royal Ford. He is from Joplin, MO and I have a good friend who knows the McMurray family. That mutual connection is enough for me to become a fan.

Who is your driver and why?